MobileDay is Here

Welcome to MobileDay! Our goal is to make life easier and more productive for the mobile business individual by eliminating those irritating, ill-timed, and “you’ve got to be kidding me” actions you need to perform just to make it through your day. Why is it a pain to join a conference call from your mobile phone? We won’t waste your time with our answer, but MobileDay thinks it’s crazy and we’re doing something about it. Starting with our One-Touch smartphone access into any voice conference, MobileDay will bring mobile business individuals like you innovations that tackle those irritating and cumbersome tasks so you can focus on what matters (like that car directly in front of you on the highway).

Speaking of cars, are you tired of pulling the car over, walking into walls, and playing memory games just to join your or someone else’s conference call? Well, so are we. This is why MobileDay is introducing One-Touch access into any voice conference. With One-Touch, our MobileDay Android and iPhone apps will dial the entire sequence of numbers and codes to get you into any of your voice conferences, whether you are the Host or Guest (by the way, those codes are only getting longer, not shorter).

One-Touch access into any voice conference is just our first step to improve your hectic life. As we grow together, we’ll bring you more solutions, so don’t hesitate to Tell Us what you’d like to see. MobileDay won’t eliminate your business meetings (that’s between you and your colleagues), but we’ll work our hardest to make them a little less traumatic.