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10 Strategies Used by Top IT Procurement Teams

Companies often perceive their IT Procurement departments as having one purpose: to minimize expenses for purchased goods and services. While purchasing is certainly a core functionality of the Procurement team, the Procurement team can also become a significant business driver … Continue reading

Do Phone Apps Misuse Your Data?

Have you ever downloaded an app and been shocked by the level of access that it requests on your phone? For some apps, it’s wise to hesitate before clicking “Accept.” For example, you probably remember the once-prolific game Angry Birds. … Continue reading

MobileDay Raises $6M+ Series A

An interview with MobileDay CEO Howard Diamond MobileDay, the company that provides one-tap mobile dialing into any conference bridge, international call, or online meeting, has raised over $6 million in a Series A round of funding. The round was led … Continue reading

How to Make a Reliable App

 Making a Reliable App What’s one of the most important qualifications for a reliable app? Stability. Nobody wants to deal with a buggy app that causes a frustration overload. A mobile application with poor stability quickly leads to abandonment. According to … Continue reading

One-Touch Dialing – make life a little bit simpler

One-touch dialing is all about productivity and making life a bit easier. Previous to joining MobileDay, I recall a time when I was at my house getting ready for work and suddenly realized that I was already 1 minute late to … Continue reading

Boulder Startup Week 2014

This week marks the fifth annual Startup Week here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The event is a five-day celebration of the city’s thriving startup community, featuring networking events, coffee shop pow-wows, and a variety of parties, presentations and activities. There is … Continue reading