“This App is Awesome! It Has Worked Flawlessly Since the First Time That I Used It.”

Rudy P., Boulder, CO

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Company Type: Security Software

Testimonial:  “This App is awesome!  It has worked flawlessly since the first time that I used it.  Reliability aside, just the simplicity of not having to worry about punching in all the conference numbers is great, especially when I am traveling. You make it easy. Thanks MobileDay!”


“MobileDay Helps Me Save Time and Makes It Easy for Me to Create My Own Conference Calls, As Well As Join Others.”

Meghann C., Colorado

Title: Social Media Consultant

Company Type:  Marketing Consultancy

Testimonial: “I am on conference calls constantly (isn’t every entrepreneur these days!) I tend to find myself fumbling through calendars to find the call in numbers, access codes and pin numbers, then writing them down on any scrap of paper I can find – sometimes while in my car – so that I can call in. I’ve been using MobileDay for a couple of weeks now and it’s so easy! As a business owner, every minute counts, so I’m always looking for time-saving apps, tools, and techniques! MobileDay helps me save time and makes it easy for me to create my own conference calls, as well as join others. The numbers I’ve entered work with their system so that when I need to,  the app dials the numbers correctly (at this point 100% of the time!) Excited to continue using MobileDay and see just how much time and headache it can save me!”


“I Am a Remote Employee and Spend Thousands of Minutes a Week on Conference Calls. MobileDay Makes These Calls Effortless.”

Nikki L., Boulder, CO

Title: Operations Manager
Company Type: E-learning
Testimonial: “I am a remote employee and spend thousands of minutes a week on conference calls. Each and every call requires the unmanageable string of numbers & symbols that are impossible to memorize – and you can only waste so much time trying to program these into your smartphone. MobileDay makes these calls effortless – I can join quickly with a single touch!”


“MobileDay… Is Extremely Easy To Use… An Awesome Product All Around.”

Virginia M. PhD, Colorado


Title: CEO

Company Type: Construction

Testimonial: “I’m typically on the road about half the workweek and I have several weekly audio conference calls with clients that can’t be missed. In the past, I had to either pull over to tap into those conference calls (wasting precious travel time) or attempt to dial in while driving (making me the scourge of other drivers). Not to mention that highway driving lulls me into a daze that makes it difficult to remember to call in at the right time. MobileDay installed in seconds, is extremely easy to use, allows me to dial in without taking my mind off the road, and it even reminds me to dial in at the right time. An awesome product all around!”


“MobileDay…I Use It Every Day”

Name: Chris G., Denver, CO
Title: Vice President, Product Management
Company Type: Health, Wellness and Fitness industry
Testimonial:  MobileDay is truthfully the only 3rd party app I use for business and I use it every day.  One touch to connect to tens of proprietary  and annoying conference call systems while driving or traveling is truly indispensable and I suspect can dramatically improve road safety for commuters, much less free up our brains to do more than memorize codes between screens.


“(MobileDay) Gets Me Into My Conference Calls Fast and Easy, So I Can Focus On What Matters, Getting Work Done.”

Joel W., Boulder, CO


Title: CEO, Card Gnome 

Company Type: eCommerce

Testimonial: “I’ve spent way too much time in my life futzing with conference call-in systems. MobileDay has completely eliminated that frustration from my life. It gets me into my conference calls fast and easy,  so I can focus on what matters, getting work done.  ”



“MobileDay Has Significantly Improved the Way I Work.”

Joseph L., Denver, CO

Title: Practice Area Lead

Company Type: National Consulting Firm

Testimonial: “MobileDay has significantly improved the way I work. In a day of 9 conference calls (4 of which I hosted), MobileDay dialed into the calls on time and without a hiccup. Seeing this happen on my iPhone is like watching a dog tell a joke–first you’re amazed that it can do it, and then you wonder why it hasn’t done that all along. MobileDay is essential for anyone who dials into conference calls.”

“Just a Tap on the MobileDay App.”

Maz G., San Diego, CA

Title: Vice President, Corporate Development

Company Type: Software

Testimonial: “I was stuck in traffic driving back down to San Diego from Los Angeles and I had three back to back conference calls that I was going to have to do from the road.  With a simple click of the (MobileDay) button, I was able to join all three calls without having to look up any conference information.  The best part was letting team members know I was going to be late to a call because my prior call ran over.  No searching contacts, texting or sending emails.  Just a tap on the MobileDay app.  “


“MobileDay Helps Me Dial-in On-time for Meetings”

Aaron O., Benton Harbor, MI

Title: Technology Manager

Company Type: Consumer Goods

Testimonial: “Most days I have back-to-back meetings across town, so I am often driving when meetings start.  Since I started using MobileDay, I’ve been dialing into conference calls on time and safely while commuting.”



MobileDay Named MobileBeat 2012 Innovation Competition Finalist

MobileDay Outshines Over 250 Other Nominees in Mobile Innovation Event with its One – Touch Conference App.


MobileDay – One-Touch into Any Conference Call

Quote start“MobileBeat is recognizing the top, new mobile apps. MobileDay is proud to be part of an elite group of companies innovating in the mobile space,” – Jim Haid, President and CEO of MobileDay.Quote end

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2012

MobileDay, the One-Touch mobile app for conference calls, announced today it was selected as one of 15 finalists in the MobileBeat 2012 Innovation Competition. Proving that it has what it takes to stand out in the crowd, MobileDay was picked by a panel of experts and advisors as one of the hottest companies in the mobile space. As a finalist, MobileDay will present its app to over 1,000+ influencers, investors, and press as the company competes for the top spot and VentureBeat’s Tesla Award. Earlier today, MobileDay launched its iPhone and Android mobile app, and announced it’s funding by Foundry Group, SoftBank Capital, Google Ventures, SoftTech VC, and others.

These days, business professionals are working from just about anywhere. Smartphones are the lifeline to being productive, and conference calls are daily events. MobileDay makes it easy to join any conference call with its One-Touch technology. No longer do busy professionals need to dial, memorize long passcodes, or write down conference numbers. MobileDay seamlessly integrates with a smartphone’s calendar to find conference calls and then notifies the user 30 seconds prior to the call so that they can join on time and with One-Touch. Users can also dismiss, snooze, or let meeting attendees know via text or email that they will be late.

MobileBeat is Silicon Valley’s premier mobile event, bringing together top VCs, mobile execs, journalists and entrepreneurs. Many previous winners of the MobileBeat Competition have gone on to become mobile juggernauts, including AdMob, Loopt and Touchnote.

“MobileBeat is recognizing the top, new mobile apps. MobileDay is proud to be part of an elite group of companies innovating in the mobile space,” said Jim Haid, President and CEO of MobileDay. “Conference calls and meetings are a frustrating experience for most busy professionals. Compounded with being mobile, physically joining a call is arduous. MobileDay simplifies the experience with One-Touch in an elegant app, creating an incredibly easy mobile meeting experience.”

MobileDay was founded by Rajat Bhargava, Jim Haid, Brad Dupee, and Priyan Guneratne, four busy business executives who understood the pain first hand of trying to do business while being mobile. MobileDay is funded by Foundry Group, SoftBank Capital, SoftTech VC, Google Ventures, Box Group, DH Capital and David Cohen.

MobileDay is available free for iPhone and Android immediately.

About MobileDay
MobileDay provides One-Touch access into any conference call from your smartphone. Painlessly connect into any call with your Android or iPhone. No matter where you are or what you are doing, MobileDay eliminates the hassle of dialing, remembering passcodes, or writing down conference details. For more information, visit


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