Don’t Dial and Drive


Be Safe behind the Wheel: Use MobileDay! As we approach our one millionth call, we encourage all of our users to be safe and avoid dialing behind the wheel. The National Safety Council estimates at least 1.6 million crashes each … Continue reading

What is a One-Touch Dial Conference Call App?


What Does One-Touch Dial actually mean? Although commonly used in the world of conference call services, the term “One-Touch Dial” lends itself to a broad range of possible definitions. In our opinion, it shouldn’t matter whether a conference service requires you to … Continue reading

Top 7 Reasons to Stop Dialing Your Smartphone


As telecommuting and globalization continue to change how we work, conference calls have become necessary to connect colleagues, partners and customers around the world. The point of teleconferencing is not to focus on the hardware and the tools, but focus … Continue reading

Ten Tips for Hosting an Effective Conference Call


We’ve all had dreadful conference calls. You know the kind—calls that drag on forever without accomplishing much at all; calls filled with static, echoes and the sound of someone eating their lunch; calls that get dominated by one speaker. Now that joining conference … Continue reading

Expert Tips on Enterprise Mobility and BYOD

Conference Call Dialer

Bring Your Own Device  (B.Y.O.D.) is a trend that is showing great promise in the world of enterprise mobility. Employees bringing the mobile device of their choice to use at work, such as smartphones and tablets has exciting implications for … Continue reading