What is MobileDay Advantage and how is it different than the free app?

MobileDay is the simplest, one-tap way to dial into any conference call from your mobile device. MobileDay Advantage offers much more and saves your company BIG BUCKS! By applying company-specific dialing rules, we can route mobile calls to ensure that the least cost dialing method is being used every time. We call this feature “Dynamic Dialing”. MobileDay Advantage can make a HUGE impact on reducing your international and conference calling expenses, while giving your employees an app that they will love.

Find out how much your company can save using the MobileDay Advantage ROI Calculator.

How much money will my company save with MobileDay Advantage?

In short, your company can potentially enjoy MASSIVE savings! Every company we talk to is blown away by the savings MobileDay Advantage offers. Find out how much your company can save using the MobileDay Advantage ROI Calculator.

App Support

How do I join a conference call correctly when I am the host (leader, moderator, chairperson)?

To host calls, you must have your conference service account set up properly. In MobileDay,  go to Menu and tap Conference Services. Tap New (+ on Android), choose Host, and follow the wizard to set up a conference service.

Note: you never need to enter prompts (*, #, 1, etc.). MobileDay will take care of those for you when you join the call. That’s our special sauce!

Step 1 – Name and Dial-In

Give the conference service a name. It can be any name you want (eg. My Sales Bridge).

Enter the dial-in number provided by your conference service provider.

An extension field may appear after you enter the dial-in number. If your conference service requires an extension before the host code (eg. “press 2 to start a conference call”), please enter the extension in this field.

Step 2 – Guest Code

Enter the code that your guests must enter to join the call.

Step 3 – Host Codes

Enter your host access codes in the same order that you enter them when starting a call as the host. If your conference service only requires you to enter one code, then only enter that one code here.

That’s it! If set up correctly you will be connected as the host for this conference service. If you continue to have issues, please Tell Us and we will fix it.

How do I join a conference call correctly when I am a guest (participant, attendee)?

It is possible that MobileDay did not accurately interpret the dial-in information from the meeting invite. To resync with your calendar and update the dial-in information, tap the Menu button, come back and try the call again. If you are still unable to connect to the meeting, Tell Us.

Why are MobileDay notifications not working?

If you’re traveling across time zones, reopen MobileDay to sync when you arrive at your destination. This will reset MobileDay notifications to work with the updated times in your calendar.

It is also possible that you have notifications turned off in MobileDay or in the sound settings on your device.


Go to your iPhone Settings, tap on Notifications, and then tap on MobileDay. Verify that notifications are enabled for the MobileDay app and configured the way you want them.


On your Android, go to Settings and into Sound Settings. Make sure Notifications are on and your phone volume is turned up. In MobileDay, go to Settings under Menu and tap on the Accounts tab. Make sure the Conference Alerts box is checked to display alerts for your calls.

How can I have MobileDay display my calendar events?

If you are not seeing events in MobileDay it is possible that either events are not in the calendar on your device or your calendar is not configured correctly to work with MobileDay. First check to see whether or not events appear in your phone’s calendar. Then proceed to the instructions below for your device.


If events do appear in your iPhone Calendar, make sure MobileDay has access to your calendar. On iOS, go to Privacy in Settings and ensure that you have given MobileDay access to the Calendar service. If MobileDay is not listed as one of the apps requesting access to your calendar, please delete and reinstall the app.

Additionally, make sure your calendar is selected in MobileDay. In MobileDay, go to Menu and tap Calendar Selection to ensure that you have your calendar selected for display.

If events do not appear in your iPhone Calendar, you have to set up your calendar. Ideally, your calendar should be set up as an Exchange account, even if you use Gmail. Here’s how:

  1. In iPhone Settings, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Tap Add Account…
  3. Tap Microsoft Exchange (even if you have a Gmail account)
  4. Enter Email, Username, and Password and tap Next
  5. Enter Server address (for Gmail, use and tap Next
  6. Verify that Mail, Contacts, and Calendars are turned ON and tap Save


If events do not appear in your Android calendar, you have to set up your calendar. Here’s how:

  1. From the Applications menu, tap Email.
  2. Enter your Email Address and Password. Check the box only if you want this to be your default email account. Tap Next.
  3. Tap Exchange Account.
  4. Enter your Exchange Server information and tap Next.
  5. Your phone will check the incoming server settings. If everything is correct the Account Options screen will appear allowing you to customize your settings.
  6. Name the account and enter the name that will be displayed on outgoing messages. Tap Done when complete.

Is MobileDay supported in my country?

MobileDay now provides in-country support for dialing within sixteen countries. Now you and your colleagues can use MobileDay for calls in Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. We continue to add countries based on the demand for MobileDay Advantage, so stay tuned!


What, exactly, is this thing called “One-Touch”?

Our claim to fame at MobileDay is that we get you into your voice or online meetings with just a single tap of a button. We call this “One-Touch” and it’s the reason everyone loves MobileDay.

Wired Magazine said it best: “You don’t have to remember conference call information. [MobileDay] enters the phone number, PINs, and proper pauses to get you into the conference quickly.”

That’s One-Touch. Never dial again.

What is a “host” and what is a “guest” in MobileDay?

If you are the organizer of a call, we like to say that you are the “host”. Many conference services use other words for “host” such as “moderator”, “leader”, “chairperson”, “organizer”, “speaker”, or “presenter”.

If you join calls but did not organize the call, we say that you are a “guest”. Many conference services use other words for “guest” such as “participant” or “attendee”.

MyDay and Events


The primary screen in MobileDay is what we call “MyDay”. It is a calendar list view of your upcoming meetings and is where you will do most of your daily activities.


Events in your calendar appear in MobileDay’s list view (called MyDay). Events feature the time, title, location (dial-in) of the event as well as other information. If the event is a meeting, a big green Join button will be displayed so that you can One-Touch into the meeting. You can tap on an event to expand or collapse it to see more information and have access to basic actions such as Smart Messaging (to send messages to attendees such as “I’m running late”), Get Directions, View Details, etc.

Scroll to Current or Next Event

Since you may have scrolled to other events in your day, you can tap the MobileDay logo to quickly scroll to the current or next event.

Time, Title, Location, and Dialing info

Time, Title, Location

Events in MobileDay display the Time of the event, the event Title, and the Location (often a phone number or URL) for the event. This way, you can identify your meetings at a glance.

Dialing info

Conference call events in MobileDay feature the dial-in number and the code MobileDay will use to dial you in. If you are hosting the call, “You are host” will appear instead of the code.

Tap View Details to view the complete event details.


One-Touch Join


Tap the Join Voice button to join your voice call with just One-Touch. MobileDay auto-detects call information from your calendar and makes joining calls easier than ever before. The Join button can get you into a call at any time and multiple times.


Online Meetings (iPhone Only)

Tap the Join Online Meeting button to connect to your online meeting with just One-Touch. MobileDay interoperates with Cisco WebEx®, Citrix GoToMeeting® and Google+ Hangouts. You must have the corresponding app installed on your iPhone to use this feature. The Join Online Meeting button can get you into a call at any time and multiple times.

FaceTime (iPhone Only)

Tap the Join Video button to join a FaceTime meeting with just One-Touch. MobileDay recognizes the following FaceTime URL format: facetime://[email protected] The Join Video button can get you into a call at any time and multiple times.

You must have FaceTime turned on in your iPhone Settings. To enable people to call you on FaceTime using a phone number or email other than your Apple ID, you must go to your iPhone Settings and into FaceTime settings. Tap Add An Email… to specify the email addresses you want FaceTime to recognize.

How to Edit Call Sequences

MobileDay will display the call-in number and code it found in the event. If you would like MobileDay to dial a different code or number (the local number, for example) tap on the blue dialing info box.

conference call dialing info in iphone

Select the number to edit and choose from the highlighted numbers in the invitation details. Available selections are green; the selected option is bolded and underlined.

Tap Save.

View Event Details and Get Directions

View Event Details

Tap View Details to see more details about the event. This is the same view you would see in the native Calendar app. You can view the location, invitees and notes. If you are the host you can edit the event, too.

Get Directions

We’ve made it easier to get to your next meeting. Tap Get Directions and with One-Touch, your current location and the meeting location will be preloaded in Apple Maps to give you turn-by-turn directions.

Note: You will need Location services enabled.


To recommend MobileDay to attendees of a meeting, tap the Recommend button. Next, select email or txt. Select the attendees to whom you’d like to recommend MobileDay. You’ll be able to confirm your message before sending.


Smart Messaging – Running Late

Tap the Running Late button to quickly alert meeting invitees via email.

You can select which invitees you want to email – they are split based on RSVP status. You can edit and review the message and recipients before sending.

The default subject is Running 5min Late. The default message is “I’m running 5 minutes late to [Event Title].”




MobileDay will alert you just prior to your meeting. To snooze, tap the Remind Me in 5 Minutes button. You can set how early you want the alert in Meeting Notifications (Notification Settings on Android).

How Did This Call Go? – Thumbs Up and Down

After connecting you to your meeting MobileDay will ask for feedback to better serve you.

Thumbs Up

If the call connected properly please acknowledge this by tapping the Thumbs Up button. We will then ask you to share MobileDay with your colleagues via email, TXT, Facebook or Twitter. Be a hero and share MobileDay – we’d really appreciate it!

Thumbs Down

If you had issues connecting please use the Thumbs Down button to send us an email containing the information from your meeting invite and we will fix the problem for you.

You can review and edit the message before sending.


Tap the Menu button to access additional features and settings.

Quick Call

Tap the Quick Call button to join calls as a guest without a calendar invite or send a quick invitation and start a call immediately as a host. If you only join calls as a guest from your calendar, you don’t need to configure Quick Call. Use Quick Call if, for example, you have a weekly conference call but it doesn’t appear on your calendar.

See also: Conference Services

As a host, you can invite people to join you in a Quick Call, tap Invite. You will then be able to choose recipients of the TXT invitation and you will be automatically joined into the call. Recipients will receive a text message with a One-Touch link to join your call. Or you can simply join a meeting by tapping the Join button.

As a guest, you can join a call quickly by tapping the Join button.

Create New Event

To schedule a conference call in MobileDay using your conference service, tap Create New Event in Menu. You will be asked which conference service you would like to use. Then you will be able to set the time, add a title, add invitees, and notes.

See also: Why can’t I invite people to my events in MobileDay?
See also: Conference Services

Calendar Selection

Tap Calendar Selection in Menu.

Select the calendars you would like to view in MobileDay.

Notification Settings

To select how long prior to you would like to be notified of your events, in Menu, tap Meeting Notifications (iPhone) or Notifications Settings (Android).

Host Reminders (iPhone Only)

Tap View Host Reminders in Menu to view all the calls you are hosting tomorrow.

You can see the status of invitees. A white name means the invitee has confirmed their attendance and a gray name means that they have not. Tap Remind to select recipients from the invitees list and review or edit the reminder email before sending.

Tap Host Notifications in Menu to edit your host notifications preferences.

Select the time on the preceding day that you would like to be notified of the calls you are hosting. Tap Never to disable host notifications if you would prefer not to be automatically reminded.


MobileDay interoperates with Talkatone to provide VoIP dialing capability through Google Voice. Tap VoIP Settings in Menu to configure your Talkatone settings. You must have Talkatone installed on your iPhone to use this feature.


Why does MobileDay need access to my Calendar, Contacts, and Location?

We want you to have a great One-Touch experience. That’s why we request access to these services:


We need to know when your calls are so One-Touch is there for you.


Knowing who’s the host or guest on a call will ensure that you are dialed in correctly and can SMS/email meeting attendees.


Dialing rules change based on location, so where you are matters.

We do not store your meetings, contacts, or location information.

MobileDay can’t be the app it needs to be without access to your calendar, contacts, and location so please give MobileDay access to these services.

Is my data secure?

While the MobileDay app does access your native calendar, contacts, and location information, none of this information leaves your phone! We adhere to enterprise-grade security to ensure that your data remains completely private.