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14 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2014

Use MobileDay to coordinate all of your in-person and conference call meetings. With this app, you can dial in automatically.

One-touch dialing app hits a million calls …

Today or tomorrow, one-year old MobileDay will have amassed its one-millionth call and the triumphant sound of 10 vuvuzelas will fill the corridors of an office building in Boulder, Colorado. Since the company’s inception last July, the small startup — seven staff and four interns — has been celebrating app milestones that way.


Boulder Startup Spotlight:
MobileDay, a million calls later

Most of us, when we receive a conference call, have a choice of two or more numbers to dial. One is usually a toll free number and one is a local toll number. Sometimes there is even an international number. Jim and his MobileDay team have built intelligence into the app to pick the least expensive option.


2013 Business Travel Awards
Best New Travel App: MobileDay

A free smartphone app that automatically pulls dial-in information off your calendar, MobileDay lets you make conference calls by touching a single icon.


MobileDay app:
never dial in to a conference call again

The MobileDay app eliminates the need to dial into a conference call, enter/remember a pin and wait for the call to connect, only to have it dropped and need to rejoin. If you frequently take conference calls on-the-go, MobileDay is definitely worth a look because it can save you time and frustration.


10 Free iPhone Apps Entrepreneurs – #1 MobileDay

The ten free iPhone apps entrepreneurs need… At the top of the list we have MobileDay.


Free Mobile Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

MobileDay is the conference call app you’ve always wanted but didn’t necessarily know you did.


MobileDay users help improve apps

MobileDay has been adding to the capabilities of its Apple iOS and Google Android platforms, and now works on all versions of the iPad.


Top 3 Android Apps: Fall 2012 Edition

MobileDay makes the conference-call process as painless as possible. You just launch the app, peek at your calendar and click the conference call appointment. The app enters the necessary dial-in and passcode numbers for you. All you have to do is say something brilliant during the call.


10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs – #1 MobileDay

The MobileDay app works with any conference call service by looking through your calendar, reminding you of the call, and with one click, calling the conference line and dialing any necessary codes for you.


10 Must-Have Mobile Apps – #1 MobileDay

I use conference lines frequently…when calling from my cell, it’s a huge annoyance. But luckily, technology has made it easy to be more and more productive with just a smartphone.


MobileDay iOS, Android App Makes Conference Calling Easy

MobileDay is particularly helpful if you’re joining a conference call on the road. Which of course you know you shouldn’t do while driving, and which of course you do anyway. At least MobileDay will help keep your eyes on the road longer.


The Daily App:
MobileDay for Android, iOS

MobileDay is a free app … that provides quick, one-tap access to conference calls through the integration of the device’s calendar.


MobileDay Named 2012 Innovation Of The Year Award Winner

Everyone here does conference calls. Everyone here has a mobile phone. Everyone here who has tried to set up a conference call on their mobile phones can relate to the frustration.


Simple Conference Calling with MobileDay for iPhone and Android

MobileDay does all the number pressing for you, including those pesky “pause” and “wait” actions, so you’re not trying to track down the information in an email prior to the call.


Video – Talking Tech in Colorado

Boulder is an incredible place for a startup.


A Wave of Startups That Hates Conference Calls as Much as You Do

You don’t have to remember conference call information, [MobileDay] saves it for you from your phone’s calendar and enters the phone number, PINs, and proper pauses to get you into the conference quickly.


Conference Call Dial-In Numbers Be Gone! MobileDay Is Here to Save the Day

Forget the “enter a phone number, enter an access code, press pound, press one, please announce yourself” and then finding yourself on the wrong call. MobileDay does away with all of that.


If Conference Calls Keep You Trapped At Your Desk You Need This App!

MobileDay allows you to reconnect with just one click, minimizing downtime. If you’re running late, you can send a message to all attendees letting them know.


4 Signs You Should Say ‘No’ to a VC

[MobileDay] investor Brad Feld and entrepreneur Rajat Bhargava share what they’ve learned about making their 18-year partnership work.


The Next 25 Big Enterprise Startups

Mobile conference calls made easy. An app for iPhone and Android that gives you one-touch access into any conference call without dialing, remembering codes, and writing down conference details.


App Spotlight:
MobileDay Lets You Join Conference Calls With Just One Tap

Finally there’s salvation in the form of MobileDay, an ingenious app that lets you join conference calls with just one tap. For anyone who routinely dials into conference calls on the run, MobileDay is a godsend. Best of all, it’s free.


Review: MobileDay’s One-Click Phone Conferencing App

It’s an app world and this is a good example why. MobileDay makes phone conferencing on the go a one-click breeze.


MobileDay Lets You Dial Into Conference Calls With One Tap

Thankfully, enterprise-focused startup MobileDay wants to make at least one aspect of conference calls less unpleasant — the dial-in.