Back when company phones were tied to desks, CFOs had control over how their employees dialed. But mobile phones changed everything. With international dialing, and conference calls, phone bills quickly spiraled out of control. It’s time to fight back.

Take back control of mobile, international, and telecommunication expenses with a super secure app when you upgrade to MobileDay Advantage.

Dynamic Dialing

  • Intelligent detection of location, country code, and company-specific settings
  • Apply corporate dialing rules to ensure dependable, least cost dialing into conference services
  • Leverage your existing telecommunications infrastructure to control mobile and international calling costs

Cut conference call costs

There can be a big difference in cost between toll-free and local numbers. The best dial depends on where you are and where you’re calling, and most employees aren’t going to take the time to do the math. Why should they? They have better things to do.

MobileDay automatically picks the least-cost option. It determines an employee’s location, then pulls conference numbers from the employee’s calendar. The user just sees a big green button, but under the hood, MobileDay is cutting costs.

Toll vs Toll Free Cost Savings

Cut international wireless costs

When your employees leave the office, you lose control over how they dial. PBX and VoIP can’t control the cost of international dialing on cell phones, and international wireless is expensive.

MobileDay recognizes international numbers. The app routes international calls into your corporate network using a local access point, so your PBX and VoIP can get back to work. Calls from abroad work like calls from a desk.

That’s possible because MobileDay leverages your third-party voice provider’s features. No more entering local access numbers, verification pins, and locations–MobileDay does it for you.

Routing Calls via Corporate Network to save on telecommunications costs


Security is of the utmost importance for MobileDay. Private data NEVER leaves the phone so calendar, contacts, and location information are always kept safe. Enterprise IT and Security teams appreciate MobileDay’s ability to comply with their strictest security requirements such as standards set by Varacode.

Enhanced Data Privacy

  • All personal and company information stays private and local to the user’s device
  • User-specific call, contact, and calendar information are not sent to the cloud
  • Host codes are securely stored locally, never in the cloud
  • Exceeding industry standards with a verified security level VL4


A winning customer relationship relies on us being fiercely dedicated to our customers’ success. We take extra good care of our customers because we know how important a that relationship is.

Dedicated Success Team

  • Priority 24/7 customer support
  • Monthly usage and metrics reporting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customized marketing tools to support employee engagement