Top 7 Reasons to Stop Dialing Your Smartphone

As telecommuting and globalization continue to change how we work, conference calls have become necessary to connect colleagues, partners and customers around the world. The point of teleconferencing is not to focus on the hardware and the tools, but focus on the actual collaboration with your team. There are many collaboration tools available for virtual meetings including voice, visuals and video.  Some examples are conference call bridges for audio; WebEx and GoToMeeting for visual; and Vidyo, Skype or Google+ Hangouts for video. Over the years some users found these services somewhat complicated and difficult to use. Today you can connect to your co-workers with just one touch. Here are six great reasons to do so with the free MobileDay smartphone app.


  1. You might drop the call

We’ve all had dropped calls when mobile. When you cell phone disconnects you from the conference call you’ll have to dial in again. You’ll have to remember or look up the conference code, and you’ll have missed part of the discussion and depending on your importance to the dialogue, wasted other’s time. Reconnect to your meeting with just one touch and spend less time catching up.

  1. Keep yourself and those around you safe

For those on the road dialing into a conference call can be dangerous. Don’t endanger yourself by attempting to dial while driving in the name of productivity. Dialing in with MobileDay takes just one touch – so you can focus on keeping everyone around you safe.

  1. Don’t bring dialing frustration into the agenda

Have you ever dialed into a conference call late for the start of the call? Have you ever misdialed a long code and have had to start all over, making you late? Don’t let such frustrations create a rocky start for your meetings. Join your colleagues accurately, quickly and efficiently at the right time every time. 

  1. Looking for conference call details

Where’s the info for this conference call? Is it in your email? Your calendar? Did you tell Susan and Matt to join you on your line? Weekly conference call but you forgot the conference code? With the ability to connect to your conference lines with one touch at your fingertips you’ll never rummage for conference call details again!

  1. Lots of conference calls

How many conference calls do you join every week? Every day? How much time do you spend writing down the phone numbers and conference codes then carefully typing them in? Dialing in with just one touch can save you hours a month!

  1. Running late/Multitasking

When you don’t have a minute to spare, why waste any time dialing twenty digits to connect with your colleagues? Now you can fire off that last email while dialing into your conference call, or quickly review the agenda.

7. It’s just easier

Hitting a single button is far easier than remembering or writing down #’s and pass codes with up to 25 digits and prompts.

So use MobileDay.  You’ll love it.

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    • MobileDay
      MobileDay says:

      Hi Lee. WebEx calls/meetings interoperate with the MobileDay app. It’s a great meeting service. Benefits of using MobileDay with WebEx include:

      – MobileDay auto-detects ALL the meetings in your calendar. No typing required. So it’s a true one touch into ALL your calls on your calendar, whether you host them or were invited to some other service or bridge. No need to open the app like with WebEx. MobileDay calls are one-touch from your meeting reminder on your phone.

      – You can join audio only, or, the WebEx app is also automatically launched when a WebEx visual meeting is detected. No extra work.

      – Smart messaging features: Text or email meeting attendees with messages like “I am running late” or “Are you joining?” or reminders

      – MobileDay also let’s you join other meetings that you may have been invited to with just a tap, versus just the one’s that you host.

      More great features/benefits coming soon!

  1. Hal D
    Hal D says:

    I’ve been using Mobile Day on my iPhone for several months. In the last couple of weeks, every time I open it, it needs me to login. So far from being one-touch, Mobile Day now needs more input than simply dialing the phone to begin with.


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