Recently, the business world has shifted from a corporate mobile device model to the bring your own device model, also referred to as BYOD. While this was not well received at first, experts in the industry are beginning to support it.

In this exclusive interview with FutureGov, Chief Technology Officer of Good Technology, Nicko van Someren, speaks about how the public sector can leverage mobility to achieve a more productive and happier mobile workforce while protecting critical government and citizen data.

Van Someren is quoted as saying, “Letting your staff choose the mobile device they want to use boosts loyalty and morale. Besides having happier employees, the overall productivity increases because they get more done while being away from their desks.” The Mobile Enterprise of Mobile Day speaks directly to this. With our application you will have the flexibility and mobility to connect to your conference calls with the click of a button, whether you’re sitting in the office or on your way to the airport.

This is something nearly everyone can relate to. I know that I’m not the only that has been plagued with the task of connecting to conference call in the car.

The industry is quickly moving towards a mobile workforce. Issues are arising that nobody has anticipated, ranging from security to exploding mobile bills. The MobileDay app is one great example of the plethora of solutions that are available to companies to manage these unknowns – it’s a simple, easy to use application that employees aren’t just going to be forced to use, they’re going to love using it. It combines the aspects of security discussed in the article, and adds an element of ease. With apps like MobileDay, corporations can thrive in this changing world, focusing on their core competencies and letting skilled third parties do the dirty work. [more…]

Sometimes it seems like there are so many new enterprise software solutions coming about every day, that they’re not simplifying life but instead creating a head spinning array of choices that are impossible to sort through!  It can be difficult to understand and interpret what you need and what the software can provide for you, as well as the cost to benefit ratio for your company. If you signed up for every software or service that seemed like it would be a good fit, you’d quickly drown.  

A recent survey from MobiDev asked a variety of different managers, entrepreneurs, and strategists how they go about selecting software for their business, resulting in a handful of great advice.  Across the board was the overwhelming importance of customer service.  In order to work correctly with your software and ensure that the cost to benefit ratio is intriguing, you need a company who will be able to support your everyday questions.  Next is the prominence of reputation.  Great software will have happy customers that describe the software in more detail as well as provide feedback to how beneficial it was to their company.  Seeing past customers will also show what you’re getting into with the software.  Do you need something to accomplish specific tasks and is there a cheap or free solution to it? Or is there higher cost software that accomplishes those tasks and creates a solution to something you didn’t know you could use?  There is a plethora of software that experts advise to take your time choosing.   Make sure you can use free trial opportunities to see if it is the right fit for you…

MobileDay provides wonderful customer service while providing a platform that’s extremely beneficial to any business, falling into the hub of useful and helpful software.  It’s a free app which provides one touch into any conference call and the MobileDay Advantage program can save a company thousands of dollars in a short period of time.   [more…]

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