For your personalized MobileDay ROI Analysis, please complete the form below. If you don’t know some of the information, that’s okay. Either make your best guess or leave the field blank. Give us a day or so and we’ll walk through the results with you.

Mobile Usage

How many active mobile users do you have at your company (eg. 60,000)?

What percentage of calls are made from mobile devices (eg. 40%)?

Conference Call Usage

How many minutes does the typical employee spend each month (eg. 1200)?

What percentage of calls dial the toll-free number (eg. 60%)?

Conference Call Cost Difference (Toll vs. Toll-Free)

What is the per minute difference between toll and toll-free (eg. $0.15)?

Or by country (cost differences often vary drastically by country)

International Mobile Calls

On average, how many calls does each employee make per month (eg. 8)?

What is the average duration in minutes of a call (eg. 17)?

International Calling Costs

What is your company's per minute negotiated wireless rate (eg. $0.27)?

What is your company's per minute corporate network rate (eg. $0.01)?

What is your company's per minute 3rd party intl. service rate (eg. $0.15)?

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