Twine is a connected hardware company based in Boulder, Co., that’s revolutionizing the concept of meetings, meeting rooms, conference calls, and meeting-space communications.



Twine produces the MobileDay app. On the physical level, the app eliminates the need to manually dial into a conference call or online meeting. On the mental level, the app allows users to devote less mental energy to the process of getting in to a meeting.

The result is more brain space that can be used for executive functioning — doing things like communicating clearly with others, coming up with killer ideas, and being all-round more badass.

And that’s the heart of it: Twine wants you to be more badass in meetings.



From the CEO

“The MobileDay app has shown that users in the business space appreciate technology that effectively reduces the amount of steps that they have to go through in order to get onto a conference call. We envision an exciting future in terms of elaborating on the MobileDay conference call experience, and have some big developments to come.”

– Anthony Claudia



TL;DR: Watch this space!