5 Apple Watch Apps for people who like cool functionality

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Productivity appsThere are more than 10,000 apps available to download on the Apple Watch, which makes it pretty impressive when compared to rival platforms. The problem is, however, that despite running on the Apple Watch, many of these apps that function on the watch are not really all that great as they don’t run natively on the device. This means that they are there, but they are kinda meh.

Here are 10 Apple Watch apps that are worth your time:


If you are on the road a lot, or if you make a ton of conference calls, you probably already have the MobileDay app. If you do, and you use it a lot, you might consider getting an Apple Watch just because it is really cool to be able to dial into a conference call from your wrist.



Viki is like Wiki, but on your Apple Watch. Don’t worry, they’ve thought this through, and the interface is not as chaotic as you might think having the whole of Wikipiedia on your wrist might be. The articles are shortened for small-face functionality, with just enough detail so you know what’s up.



If you are someone who frequently forgets things that you shouldn’t forget—office Wi-Fi password, door key-code, your phone number, license plates, ID numbers, your partner’s name, your own name—Cheatsheet is a neat app that allows you to make notes of stuff and access them on your Apple Watch.

Sure, you can store all that on your phone, but what about when your phone is at the bottom of a bag or your hands are too full to reach into your pocket? You know, when you are laden with bags on a Monday morning and you can’t remember the key code to get into work. You have to put all those bags down, hunt for your phone, then find the code. Rubbish!

Now, you just flick your wrist.

Free standard version. $2.29 for the upgrade


You can watch video snips on your wrist! How cool is that?

Nobody has time for feature films anyway, but those funny little second-long funnies of cats doing weird stuff and people slipping over on ice—Vine is perfect for the watch!

No you have something to do the next time you are standing in line at the grocery check out.



We know that you already use Slack. In fact you probably use multiple Slacks. One for work, one for whatever side-interest you geek out on, one for school pick-up organization with the other parents on your block, one for the neighborhood HOA, one for the family … .

Slack may have originally been the workplace communication of choice. But, many of us are now using it outside of the workplace because it nicely eliminates the need to group text.

Slack works on the watch, but the Slack team are wise enough to know that you don’t want to be pinged for every single comment on all your channels because that would be watch overload. Instead of blowing your wrist up, Slack only pings you when you are directly mentioned or PM’d. Nice one Slack!


Try the MobileDay app

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