10 Safer Driving Apps to Keep You and Your Car Healthy [Infographic]

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One of the best things to come out of the app revolution are those applications that allow us to live safer and healthier lives. Nobody plans to be a bad driver, or to neglect car repairs to the extent that they are manning an unsafe vehicle, but we all make mistakes. Car-related misdemeanors can be costly in terms of time and money at best, and let’s not even go into the worst-case scenarios.

So stay safe people! And let apps help you to do that. Here is an infographic to help you source some of the best safer driving apps out there.

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Be safe on the road, and make sure that you are doing all you can to keep yourself alert and able to concentrate on the road.

Here are links to the apps that we featured in the infographic.

  1. MobileDay—Free one-touch conference call driving app. Late for a conference call? You can concentrate on driving when you let the MobileDay app dial for you.
  2. iOnRoad—Dashboard camera. Handy for proving that it wasn’t your fault if you get in a ding.
  3. Mojio—Check the health of your car. Cars have needs too, and this app will help you make sure that you are not neglecting yours.
  4. Canary—Know when your teen is speeding or texting while driving. Literally a little birdie will tell you if they are driving unsafely.
  5. GasBuddy—Compare fuel prices in your location so that you don’t end up paying more than you should do for gas.
  6. SpeedSense—Training aid designed to educate motorists.
  7. gMeter—Vehicle performance tracker.
  8. Speedometer Speed Box—reliable and accurate speedo for vintage cars.
  9. RepairPal—Android app for car repair.
  10. Waze—Community-based travel and navigation app. Drivers share real-time traffic and road info to save one another time and money on the daily commute.
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