6 podcasts to improve your sales skills

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Nerdist Podcast: Nick Frost

If you travel a lot or commute to work, you’d be crazy not to turn that idle time into something productive. Listening to podcasts is as good as reading — only better because you can do it while you drive. Also, you won’t get car sick.

Podcasts beat audio books because a) they are free, and b) they don’t go out of date — or at least they keep reproducing themselves so they stay current. Books and audiobooks might be topical for the year that they are published, but anything older than 365 days is too old.

6 podcasts to improve your sales skills

1. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Doesn’t that sound like a podcast that sales professionals need to listen to?

Hosted by Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale, the Advanced Selling Podcast is concise, funny, and educational coverage on all things sales and selling. This is aimed mostly at B2C marketplace sales, but many B2C principles can also benefit the B2B sales professional. Topics are varied, examples include how to sell a premium priced product when your competitors are undercutting you.

2. The Sales Playbook Podcast

Hosted by Paul Castian, who has mentored over 10,000 sales professionals, The Sales Playbook Podcast combines more traditional sales methods with more modern social media tools and productivity apps. Personal branding is also covered. “The Opportunist’s Guide to Leveraging the Holiday Season,”is Castian’s highest-rated podcast, and an example of the sort of content you’ll get.

3. The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling

The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling is hosted by Brian Burns and is highly entertaining as the name suggests it might be. It’s varied and full and slightly different than the usual, more corporate, podcast offering. Episodes include titles such as “The Future of Sales and Selling and How it Will Affect You” and “How to Visualize Your Pipeline and Close More Deals.”

4. Sales Tip a Day

Just as the name suggests, Sales Tip a Day offers you a sales tip every day. Hosted by Chris Hamilton, the episodes vary wildly in length. Some are a couple of minutes long, some over an hour. “Why Don’t People Ask for Referrals” is his most popular episode, but topics also frequently include cold calling, use of content, and why cold calls don’t work.

5. The Sales Leader Blog

The Sales Leader Blog by Colleen Francis provides cutting-edge strategies for sales leaders. Episodes include titles such as “The Fastest Way to Frustrate a Prospect” and “Using Criticism to Increase Sales.” So as you can probably tell, Francis is not afraid to talk about the things that most sales people shy away from.

If you want to be successful in sales, you must learn to take criticism and use it to your advantage

6. SalesGravy

Cute name, huh? SalesGravy sounds rather yummy. It’s a podcast that features a wide variety of experts and sales professionals. The episodes are mostly pretty short—we’re talking under 10 minutes. It’s a big old mix of guests and topics, so you’ll be sure to find something relevant to you.

And a bonus podcast just for fun!

Because life can’t all be about work.

The Nerdist Podcast

The Nerdist Podcast is a weekly broadcast about what it means to be a nerd. The hosts, Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, interview comedian guests and entertainers. The varied guests are usually in standup, nerd culture, or both, and have included Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Gates, and a lot of the current Doctor Who staff.

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