3 Ways to turn business meetings into productivity boosters

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business meetings

Remote workers are on the rise. There are a number of reasons for the increase in the mobile workforce: multinational companies with employees based all over the globe, a younger workforce, technological improvements, and the realization that some people just work better when not confined to the office.

So with that, comes the rise in the conference call. This is something that has been a necessarily evil for many people for a number of years, but the good news is that times have changed—and online meetings don’t have to be the waste of time that they were once.

4 Ways to make business meetings more productive:

1. Make sure the meeting is necessary

This sounds obvious, and it is obvious, but that doesn’t mean that unnecessary meetings never happen. They do, all too much. Most of the time the recurring weekly meetings are the culprits. While some weeks it is crucial that the team check in, other weeks there seems to be little to say.

Solution: Watch out for time drain meetings by sending out a simple “Yay” or “Nay” response required poll before the meeting. Do we need to meet today?

2. Limit the number of people invited

This is especially true for conference calls and online meetings. There is nothing, nothing, more boring than being on a conference call and listening to other people talk about things that are not relevant to you. That’s I’m going to stab myself in the hand so I can go to hospital and get out of this meeting boring. If you care about your colleagues, you’ll want to keep them out of ER. Don’t make them dial in to meetings that they don’t have to be in.

Solution: Rather than pulling everyone in on one big conference call where they spend 90 percent of their time not talking, schedule lots of short, individual conference calls so that you can check in with each one of them one-to-one, or if you work with separate teams, maybe have a couple of people on the same call. That way you’ll only be talking about what is relevant to everyone in the virtual room.

3. Don’t waste time dialing

Dialing into a conference call is tricky because there are often multiple PIN numbers and passcodes that are necessary in order for you to get onto the correct conference line. There is nothing more tiresome than dialing a number only to be given an error tone, and then having to dial again.

Solution: The MobileDay App syncs with your online calendar—retrieves the required passcodes and PIN numbers—and dials you in to any meeting bridge instantly. Viola!

It’s free, so basically the only work on your part is to go to the app store and download it.

4. Coffee


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