4 Apps Hardcore Business Travelers Can’t Live Without

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Travel for work?

Road warriors know that when it comes to keeping everything in order, any app, gadget, or hack that can help automate and organize is a Godsend. The fact that you can now keep most of your travel tickets in digital form on your smartphone is massive, and most of us just love not having to keep physical copies of receipts and bills anymore in order to get expense reports filed.

In fact, the bigger problem these days, is sifting through all the available technologies and finding the right app for you. Here’s some help:


Free one-touch conference call dialing. You don’t have to remember online meeting passcodes or PIN numbers. You are just placed on your call, at the right time, immediately. When you are traveling you don’t want to be sifting though emails or meeting invites to find the dial in info—hell, you won’t even have to open your online calendar if you have this app!

If you are traveling without the MobileDay app, you are doing it wrong. Did we mention it’s free?

Wazebusiness travel

Waze is a community-sourced navigation and traffic app. Drivers in the local area share all sorts of relevant and impartial information on fuel prices, traffic, roads, blockages, accidents, etc.

You can know the fastest route to the airport. That means that you won’t have to leg it through to the terminal. Considering that the app is free, that alone should make it well worth your time to download.


Workflow is a personal automation tool. You can make GIFs, add home screen icons with functionality, make PDFs from web browsers, get directions to places, tweet the song that you are listening too … .

With more than 200 actions possible, it is worth taking some time to sit down with this app and work out what you need it to work out for you. But then, when you are up and running, you’ll be running a lot faster. $2.99, so this app is not free, but hell … it’s $2.99—less than Starbucks.

Friendly Social

What are we doing putting a social app in with the “hardcore business users” recommendations. Because unless you are still living in the 1980s, you know that business is social and social is business these days.

Friendly simply puts all the Facebook and Instagram stuff in one place. You can post broadly across different platforms, and you don’t need to be directed to messenger in order to open Facebook messages.

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