6 Conference Call Benefits for You and Your Business

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Conference calls have a bit of a bad rep due to the hassles that are associated with getting into them. Since MobileDay has taken the dialing mess out of the equation, maybe it’s time you gave conference calls another chance?

Here are six conference call benefits:

1. Conference calls are speedy

Imagine that you are in one location, and your colleague or boss is in another. Something comes up, and you need to have a quick chat to plan your solution. Scheduling an in-person meeting could mean that it is days before you actually get to talk. Scheduling a conference call means that you can jump on the phone within minutes and have the situation sorted pronto.

2. Conference calls reduce travel costs

Usually, conference calls don’t cost you or your company anything. Travel on the other hand can be expensive. Even if we’re taking a 30 minute car journey rather than a flight, travel costs really add up for your business. For you, you might be given expense costs, but there is still the wear and tear on your car if you are zipping from office to office on a regular basis.

3. You’ll save on travel time too

Time in the car, or on a plane, is expensive—and we’re not just talking about the cost of fuel or your flight ticket. Especially if you are driving, travel time can feel like a big waste of time. Conference calls on the other hand, eliminate the need to travel entirely.

4. You’ll be less stressed

Travel is stressful. Getting stuck in traffic is stressful. Having to wait to discuss that important issue is stressful. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to your team instantly removes a whole heap of stress from your day.

5. The environment will thank you

Travel has a bigger carbon footprint than a phone call does. Mother Earth will appreciate you doing your part.

6. Did we mention that you don’t have to dial anymore?

One of the biggest reasons that people shun conference calls is because of the arduous dial-in process associated with getting on to a conference bridge in the first place. You have to enter the call number, then you wait. Next, you enter the PIN or passcode, then you wait. Next, you are told that you misdialed and you have to do the whole thing again—then, you scream blue murder.

We know this is a pain in the butt, so we created a free app that will do all that dialing nonsense for you. All you have to do is download the MobileDay app.


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  1. I never thought of how conference calls could help the environment. It seems like conference calls are more common in the business world these days. I’d imagine it would be a convenient way to communicate.


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