5 apps to make your commute more productive

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make your commute more productive
Commute = regular travel between home and place of work.

If you think that your commute is dead time, you’re not doing it right. Sure, if you don’t make good use of your drive time it’s not worth much more than getting you from A to B. But that doesn’t have to be the way that it is.

Instead of dreading that long drive or train ride, turn it into the most effective and productive part of your day with the help of some apps.

5 apps to make your commute more productive:

1. MobileDay – Free

Great for driving

With MobileDay’s free conference call dial in app, you can safely get into online meetings and conference calls while you are on the move. Dialing while driving simply isn’t cool—so don’t even be tempted. One-touch entry to conference calls, however, means that you can start meetings while you are on your commute and spend that drive time touching base with your team or clients.

2. SageLinq – Free

Great for driving

Conference calls are all very well if you are in the car solo. If you’re on public transport, however, talking is not going to make you particularly popular with other riders. This is the perfect opportunity to listen to something of educational value, and SageLinq has plenty of that!

The app converts live internet content into audible speech and allows listeners to stream it rather than read it. This turns written material into a form that is perfect for both driving and riding.

3. Podcasts – Free

Great for both driving and riding

While the Podcasts app is free to download from the app store, it is also probably pre-installed on your iPhone if you have one. There are literally hundreds of thousands of podcasts lined up for you to search, choose from, and download. Whatever your topic, there is a podcast in here that will help you to learn more about it.

Not in the mood for learning? Check out the comedy!

4. Audible – Paid app

Great for both driving and riding

This isn’t articles, and it’s not a website or news narration either. Audible is books. While listening to Pride and Prejudice (other audio books are available) might not be directly considered workplace-productivity enhancing, it depends what way you look at it—letting your mind rest and enjoy something other than thinking about work might be one of the most productive things you can do.

If you are able to work better, and be more focused after a little audio-impasse, then you’ll be more fecund.

5. Narrative – Free

Great for riding

Narrative Magazine is a popular provider of all sorts of content: fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. The Narrative app gives you a free online library of new literature both by new and celebrated authors from all over the world. It is presented in an easy-on-the-eye eReader, and you have access to both the current issue of Narrative, and the archives.

Try the MobileDay app

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