5 Travel Apps You Won’t Want to Leave Home Without

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Travel Apps

Traveling is always going to be a little stressful, and traveling for work can be even more so because you have the additional pressure of knowing that you have to be on the top of your game. Jet lag rules don’t apply for business travelers—we don’t get to lie in bed waiting for our bodies to adjust. We’ve got to make sure that we are awake, on the ball, well rested, and ready to impress.

The good news, is that technology is here to save the day again. You’ll be surprised how many of those annoying little travel chores are tackled and beaten by an app. Here are five travel apps that you simply must download before your next work-travel trip.

5 Travel Apps You Won’t Want to Leave Home Without

1. Tripit—itinerary planning and storage.

Having trouble remembering where you are supposed to be and when? The Tripit app makes light work of itinerary planning—simply forward all your reservations and ticket details to the app and it will store them all for you so that you can easily access them when you need.

2. MobileDay—one-touch conference call dialing.

You’re on the road and you have an important conference call coming up. What was the dial in number? You search through your emails, and when you finally find the conference bridge information and passcode, your fingers fumble and you misdial, which makes you late for the meeting.

Conference calls are made easy with MobileDay. The app syncs with your phone’s calendar and retrieves all the dial in numbers, then it notifies you when you have a call—all you have to do is press on the Join Call button and you are in.

3. Full Contact—all your contacts in one.

When you are traveling to meet potential clients and partners, it is crucial that you know with whom you are meeting and what their history is. It’s also nice if you can touch on some personal information so that icebreakers such as “how are the kids?” have some relevancy.

Full Contact merges all your contacts, so you can see at a glance a persons LinkedIn professional details and their personal social media profiles too.

4. Skyscanner—booking made easier.

Skyscanner lets you compare booking for flights, hotels and car rentals. While there are myriad apps that will let you book such things, it is useful to be able to compare rates, times, and other important information all at the same time. You can find the best price, and it’s great for when those last minute trips hit you.

5. Seat Guru—get your favorite spot!

Need an aisle seat on the plane so that you can sleep? Using SeatGuru, you can find the best available seat on your flight and book it.

Anything that can make a cramped flight a little more pleasurable goes a long way for a person who is on the road a lot. Using travel apps that help you work smarter is a must for any frequent flyer.

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