5 Career Apps to Help You Find Your Perfect Job

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Career Apps

“I just love job hunting,” said nobody, ever.

Looking for work is usually frustrating, humbling, and long winded. But there are career apps that can ease the drudgery.

Maybe your current job isn’t all that you had hoped it would be. Maybe you recently got laid off. Maybe you are looking to make a strategic career move. Maybe you’ve relocated. Or maybe you are fresh out of college and looking for your first gig. There are hundreds of reasons that you might be looking for a new job this year, and the days of looking in the listings in the back of the newspaper are long gone.

There are plenty of apps that will help you job hunt, and here are a few of our favorites.

5 Career Apps to Help You Find Your Perfect Job

  1. JobMo—This app lets you search from millions of jobs and then apply for them directly from your mobile phone. The reason that JobMo is cool, is because it lets you search by location using Google Maps in over 20 countries. You can also compare things like salary information and do company-related research.
  2. iPQ Career Planner—Not sure where you are going or what you want to do? Get used to it, most of us feel like that all our lives. iPQ Planner is here to help you identify what your dream job is and improve your chances of getting it. All that in an app? Great for the recently graduated, but also good for the mid-life crisis too.
  3. Switch—It’s a bit like Tinder for job hunters. You swipe on the jobs that you like, and if the hiring manager likes the look of you he or she will open chat with you in real time.
  4. Pocket Resume—You don’t need a snazzy desktop or laptop to create a really professional looking resume with this app. Unique PDF rendering technology takes care of the layout and the design for you. Once created, your resume will be stored on your cell, and you can send it easily when you want to apply.
  5. LunchMeet—We like this app because of the punny name! This is a networking app that works through LinkedIn to hook you up with people in your location who are wanting to meet up with others in a similar situation or career.

And for those first-stage phone interviews: MobileDay. Most employers require a screening interview via phone, and some do much more than that virtually before they ask final candidates in for a face-to-face. If you are relocating, you can guarantee that a large portion of your job interviews will be done online. Don’t let nervous fingers make you fumble your way into your call. Instead, arrive calm and collected when you let MobileDay do the dialing for you.

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