5 things that prove faster service is better

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We live in a fast-paced world. Your day goes by fast. Your week goes by fast. Your weekend goes by even faster.

Your life is going by fast!

Then why do some things seem to go so S – L – O – W ?

Like the stop light that you waited on this morning. Like the barista who made you your coffee. Like your computer when you need to restart it.

Somethings are better slow—e.g. weekends. Other things, however, are better fast. Here’s five things that prove that sometimes, faster is better.

High Speed Internet

Slow internet is basically a legal version of Chinese water torture. It’s practically imprisonment, because you know that when you are waiting on a page to load you cannot possibly do anything else other than stare at the screen. Well, other than tap the mouse and ask the page to reload, and reload, and reload (that makes it happen faster, right?).

High speed internet is a Godsend. If the big man did anything for the human race in the 21st century, he gave us the intelligence we needed to invent broadband.


Once upon a time there was the circular dialer. You actually had to wait for the entire dial to return to the start position before you could dial the next digit. Excruciating.

Dialing from contacts is now super-fast on your cell phone, and MobileDay solved this problem for conference call dialing in that it made it easier so that you don’t have to manually plug in digits. Things just got even better with the launch of MobileDay’s HyperDial™. 

Now you can get dialed into your next conference call faster than you can say “I’ll have an Americano with room for cream.”


It used to be marathons, then ultra-marathons. Now HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training, obviously.) is the thing. Rather than running for four hours on end, your’ll be in and out of the gym in 45 minutes—and apparently you’ll be fitter too.


Coffee got faster. It got expresso fast. Fast caffeine is better than slow caffeine. That’s just a fact of life.


Even ten years ago, with what were considered the “fast” disposable cameras, taking a photo was one thing, but getting it developed so that you could see it was quite another. Unload the film, go to the store, hand over the roll, go home, go back to the store later.

Now: click, look. Your photo is ready for you to see it as soon as you have taken it—thank you, God of Smartphone.

What are your favorite faster things?


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