5 Things You Need for a Successful Conference Call

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successful conference call

Some of you are conference call pros and have the entire process sussed so nicely that you can nonchalantly hop onto a conference call without a seconds thought. Others, well, let’s just say we don’t have it quite as sorted. Yet.

The thing is, that unless you make conference calls really regularly, you probably think of them as a huge pain in the backside. You have to remember how to do it, where to go to do it, all the numbers that you need to dial in, and to make sure that you don’t run out of smartphone battery part way through.

For the not-so-veteran conference caller, here are the basic five ingredients that you need in order to not set the kitchen on fire when you want to join an online meeting.

1. A phone.

Let’s start right at the beginning. You need a phone.

2. A conference bridge.

Conference bridge, conference line, online meeting bridge, virtual room … whatever you want to call the space in which you talk to the other people on the call, you need one. If you don’t have a conference line you don’t have a meeting.

Traditionally, conference bridges are something that you would have to pay for, and this is why many of us who don’t make enough conference calls to warrant the fee and setup baulk at the thought of starting. This is no longer the case, however, as services like MobileDay now provide free, no-commitment conference bridges for you to use.

You can use “My MobileDay Bridge” within the MobileDay app anytime that you want to set up a conference call.

3. A quiet space

If you work in the more modern style of open-plan office, you are probably used to hearing other people’s phone conversations. But that doesn’t make it okay. If you are planning on talking a lot,  you should find somewhere quiet in order to do so. That way you won’t be distracted, and you’ll not irritate your colleagues.

4. A good pair of headphones

So not, for example, the headphones that they gave you for free on your last flight.

If you listen to music or podcasts it is highly likely that you already own a pretty nifty pair of headphones, but if you don’t take conference calls very often you will probably forget to have them at the office with you. Then you have to scramble for a pair in the bottom of your desk drawer and untangle earbuds from the mess of forgotten phone chargers and USBs 20 second before your meeting is due to start. That sucks.

5. One-touch dialing

Other than the free conference bridge that you can use, the MobileDay App’s primary function is as a conference call dialer. What’s that when its at home? Simple really, it is an app that dials you into your conference calls—takes all those annoying PIN numbers and passcodes that are needed to that you get onto your conference line and auto-dials them so you don’t have to.

It will save you time, but really it will save you a lot of stress. People often misdial numbers that they have to enter manually, and this in turn makes them late for the meeting.


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