6 Productivity Apps for Dogs

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Productivity apps for dogs? Yes, well, maybe for dog owners.

We all love our dogs. Most of us also love our jobs (or at least, we like the income associated with working).  Most of us who work full time, are up for anything that makes life easier. We want to spend any free time that we have just enjoying being with our pets. There are a number of apps that can help pup time be quality time.

6 Productivity Apps for Dogs

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

Price: $0.99

Pet First Aid is there just in case an emergency strikes, this app will help you to locate the closest vets clinic. For those less urgent scrapes and scuffs, the app will help you to treat anything from bleeding to allergic reactions. You can also ask about things that are more to do with behavior, training, etc., so that you can work out if your pup is behaving normally.

Map My Dog Walk

Price: Free

This is MapMyRun for dog walkers. And why not?

MapMyDogWalk is a neat way to keep track of the amount of exercise that you and your dog are getting. This may be particularly helpful if a couple of you share the dog walking responsibilities so that you can see if anyone actually took Rover out.


You’re busy, but you still love taking pictures of your pup and posting them on social media, right? BarkCam streamlines this process by having helpful functions that perk up your pooch and get him or her looking at the camera. Snap and go!

Taggproductivity apps

Price: Free, (but you have to pay for the tracker and $99 monthly subscription.)

You’ve got a really important meeting at 9am, and on your 7am walk Fido decides to go MIA on you. Do you miss your meeting because you were chasing him though the wilderness? Not if you have Tagg. You can track your dog wherever she may be. Catching her is another thing, but at least your’ll know where she is.


Price: Free

Why worry about the office at all? With MobileDay you can one-touch dial into any conference call, so you can walk and talk at the same time. The app retrieves all call information such as PINs and passcodes for you meaning you won’t have to dial—and you won’t even have to put the leash down. #worklifebalance.


Price: Free

You’ve spent ages clicker training your dog, but every time you get out on a walk you’ve forgotten the clicker—or lost it completely. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that made that clicker noise, because, let’s face it, you’ve always got you phone on you. Well, there is! Thanks iClicker. 

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