6 Tips to Rule a Sales Conversation

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If you make a lot of conference calls, you’ll want to make every call as productive as possible. If a call is too long and rambling you could lose the point completely and also lose your prospect. If a call is to short and curt you run the risk of failing to garner trust.

In most cases however, the longer that you can keep a conversation going the better. Even if you go off on tangents that are totally nothing to do with the product, you are generating common interests and communication builds understanding. At the most basic level, if you are having an enjoyable conversation with someone you are beginning to like them. If you prospect likes you, you are on your way to a longer-term relationship.

6 Tips to Rule a Sales Conversation

Start with a compliment

But make sure it is a genuine one. You’ll know if you are giving a genuine compliment because you won’t feel sleazy when you give it. If you discover that you are talking to someone who isn’t that crazy about having compliments given, don’t push it. There are a percentage of us who feel really uneasy about being given compliments, and being able to recognize that is key to knowing when and how to compliment.

Don’t know your prospect well enough to be able to give them a genuine compliment? Then you shouldn’t be talking to them. Seriously, with all the online information you can learn about a person and their business, you have no excuse not to be able to do enough research to find something noteworthy.

Be friendly

It should go without saying, but unfortunately this little snippet of advice is often overlooked by salespeople when they start a conference call with a prospect. You are at a disadvantage because you are not physically able to give off friendly body language, so you will need to try extra hard with your tone of voice when on the call.

Small talk is your pal

Even if you hate small talk, you gotta love it in sales conference calls with prospects. It is functional and necessary because it naturally leads to deeper conversation. Would you pull the car out of the garage and expect it to hit 100 mph? Nope. Well, you can’t expect your prospect to warm up to you and your product in 10 seconds flat either.

Plus, if you have done your research adequately, you should be able to pull a topic to chat lightly about without too much problem. The other benefit to small talk is you will learn from it. You’ll learn more about your prospect, your prospect’s business, and why your product is a solution.

Listen well

Conversation leaves clues. Let the other person do the talking as much as is possible rather then jumping all over them with your own experiences and anecdotes. For example, you could start the conversation off with “I know your’ll love our product because X,Y, Z. Or, you could listen to what they tell you about their own product and pain points and from there suggest “from what you have told me about X, I can see that our product fits in to … .

Be cool

Conference calls can be really tricky to dial in to, and this will put you off on a bad foot for your call. Make the whole process ridiculously easy by downloading the free MobileDay conference calling app. It gives you one button to press to get into any conference call.

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