90 percent of Moms prefer a call on Mother’s Day

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call on Mother's Day

According to a survey done by Ooma, Inc., nine out of ten Mothers asked prefer a simple phone call on Mother’s Day to having their children spend time and money buying them things. A phone call, and to hear the sound of their adult children’s voice is apparently more than enough.

Call your Mom this Sunday!

Mother’s Day is coming up. If you are worried that you might forget, MobileDay is here to save your ass. You can schedule a call to your Mom in the MobileDay app, and simply add her contact number as the number to dial. The benefit of using MobileDay for a call, is that the app will give you a notification and remind you to call.

Are we calling Mom enough?

According to Ooma: no. Despite the fact that most mothers really just want a phone call, only 57 percent get one. More popular among adult children, are greeting cards. While Mothers agree that a card is a nice touch, most of them said that they would have liked a phone call more. It must be something to do with hearing a loved one’s voice that is special on a special day.

Turn it into a family conference call

Want to make this an extra special Mother’s Day surprise? Invite your siblings or family members who are not living at home to join on the call with you. Now you can all talk to Mom in a group, and that’ll really make her day.

To schedule a Mother’s Day call:

Simply open your MobileDay app and go to “Create Event” as you would do to schedule any other type of call. Then name your call, (Call Mom) and add your Mom’s number. Invite any other attendees (brothers and sisters?) then set the time that you want the call to begin at.

The app will send you a reminder on Sunday and also a one-touch Join Call option.

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