Best Free Conference Calling Services

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Nowadays we conference call a lot. Those of us who work from home are often attending online meetings and dialing in so that we can stay connected with our team. Those of us who work remotely or in a separate offices likewise use the conference call as a means to staying in touch.

Then, there is the business traveler. No reason not to stay on top of what is happening in the office if you can dial in from anywhere in the world. You can talk to clients, colleagues, your boss, anyone … connection is easier. But with that connection there often comes a cost. Right?

Not aways! Here are the best free conference calling services out there.


MobileDay is a free app that:

  1. Offers one-touch dialing into conference calls and online meetings.
  2. Gives you a free conference bridge.
  3. Gives you free features such as running late.
  4. Has upgrade options so that you can use WiFi and other features.

It syncs with your online calendar, pulls the PINs and passcode that you need to dial to get into the correct conference bridge, and does all that dialing for you. All you have to do is one-touch of the Join Call button.

Free, easy conference call dialing.

Google Hangouts

We all have a Google account, so that means that we all have a Google Hangout account too. Hangouts is perfect for when you want to chat with a group of people. It is more suited for non-business meetings with friends too due to the abundant nature of Google products.

Hangouts is also integrated with Google Docs. This means that while you are on the conference call you can work with teammates on documents.

You can also stream a hangout to your YouTube channel — if you are into that sort of thing.


Other than getting onto a conference call, one of the most difficult parts of online meetings is scheduling them. Firstly, everyone is busy. Secondly, we are often operating in different time zones. Argh!

Doodle makes scheduling simpler. You send out a poll-style request for a time to the person with whom you wish to schedule a meeting. They reply by selecting a time, and you get it directly into your online calendar — regardless of what calendar you use.

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