Boost productivity with these 4 apps

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There are so many productivity apps out there, that you could waste a lot of time just searching for the ones that best suit you.

You don’t want to waste time. Even if you are goofing off and mindlessly browsing social media, you are not actually wasting time if you are allowing your brain to take a recess. We all work better when we take breaks and recharge regularly.

So who are you?

If you are a road warrior—a frequent traveler—then this post was written for you. Read on to discover the apps that are most likely to be a great fit for you and boost productivity.

Boost productivity with these apps:


This app will save you time, but most importantly it will save you stress—and it could save your life.

A big claim for a little app? Maybe, but you should ask some of the long-time MobileDay users who swear that this little app has saved them from crashing their cars while trying to get onto a call while on the road. Yeah, we know you are not supposed to fiddle with your phone while driving, but the truth is that people do. With MobileDay installed they only have to press one button and they are one the call, and that is a hell of a lot safer than the alternative of manually dialing into conference bridges and entering all those lengthy passcodes and PIN numbers.

Get the free app here!


Expense reports are almost as onerous as dialing into conference calls is. And having to remember to take a receipt these days? Sheesh!

With this app you just take a picture of the receipt and then throw the darn thing away. The app scans and retrieves all the details and saves them into the correct fields in order to be able to generate you an expense report in just seconds. Nifty!

Google Drive and Docs

These are apps that are underrated by most. You can store all your documents online, access them anywhere, and still collaborate with colleagues on them no matter where you all are. From Google Docs you can instantly convert your documents into any format that you might wish and either download them or send them to a printer (mind the trees if you do!).


If you already use Slack, you already have this app.

If you don’t already use Slack: why not?

Emails are so last century. They demand a sort of formality that messaging doesn’t ask for. If you break these formalities in email, you can seem curt, and even a little rude—things like dropping the “Hello Joe,” opening and “From me” sign offs.

Slack merges informality and instant communication of text messaging with the groupings of group emails—but you don’t get that crazy “reply all” inbox fuddle. You also don’t feel like you are cheating people out of a full-blown reply when you comment with an emoji or a one-liner. Oh, and you can lighten the mood with gifs and pictures in a way that would just seem a little inappropriate if you were putting them in an email chain.


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