Conference: how to bring together communication at work

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conference (n.)

noun: conference; plural noun: conferences

  1. a formal meeting for discussion.

verb: conference

  1. take part in a conference or conference call

This word was first recorded in the 1550′, and describes the “act of conferring,”. It comes from the French word conferentia. Conferentia is itself derived from the Latin conferre, and that means to “bring together.”

The meaning of conference “formal meeting or discussion” comes from the 1580s. Older books (really old, like Jane Austen) do use the word conference in scripts to describe an arranged, or informal, meeting of close friends or even family. These days it would seem rather odd to declare to your mother that you needed a “conference” with her rather than a “chat.”

Exactly how and when the word conference started to mean more formal business is not recorded.

Do your conferences bring your colleagues together?

While the definition of conference seems to have changed in the 16th century to mean more of a formal discussion than a bringing together, it might be useful to remember the original meaning of the word when hosting and facilitating work-related conferences. The bringing together of people and ideas sparks images of collaboration, and fertile brainstorming that seems altogether more human than the image of a conference room full of grey-suited and dour business people.

Conference, meeting, symposium, or chat: they all should be interesting

If you groan silently when your boss invites you to a conference call, there is something wrong. Meetings don’t have to be solemn to be serious, and you can have fun and be productive—in fact you may find the two things complement one another.

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