Do you need MobileDay?

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MobileDay is a free app that allows you one-touch access into conference calls and online meetings. You won’t ever need to dial into a meeting again once you have the MobileDay app. If the thought of PINs and passcodes sends a shiver of dread up your spine, then the MobileDay app will make sure that you never have to deal with that again.

If you are on the phone a lot, or you are on the road a lot, you will appreciate how the app alerts you to your scheduled meeting calls and provides you with one button to press for instant meeting access.

We think that everyone needs MobileDay—but we realize that we might be biased. If you don’t have a phone, then you certainly don’t need MobileDay. If you don’t make conference calls, then you probably don’t need MobileDay, unless you like to make video calls with family members or others. In which case you do.

We know that life is full of difficult decisions, so we decided to make up a chart which will make this one easier on you.

The question: To use MobileDay, or not to use MobileDay?







If you discovered that you do need MobileDay, the good news is that the app is free. One touch dial into conference calls and online meetings by simply downloading the MobileDay app and allowing it to sync up with your phone’s calendar and contacts.

Making it easier to get into conference calls is just one small thing that can contribute to a much less stressed out you. You’ll get into every meeting on time, without hassle, and you’ll be able to think about what you want to say rather than worrying about getting there in the first place.

Take workplace productivity to a whole new level when you do less, to do more!

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