5 really FUN IoT products for 2015

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Fun IoT products

There are so many cool gadgets out there in the IoT world that are designed just to make your life easier and more fun. Technology is no longer something that only geeks consider groovy. We all like things that help us get more done, smile, or feel smart.

As with software, the primary function of IoT products may have initially predominantly been productivity, but more and more products are coming out which are simply about fun. IoT is less about inventing totally new things as it is about making the things that we already know, love and use every day and making them smarter.

The light switch, your coffee pot, your heating, even your fridge can be responsive, interactive and fun.

5 really FUN IoT products for 2015

Samsung’s Gear VR: Virtual Reality Headset.

This is mobile virtual reality. How fun is that?

You can play games and watch movies in your own private VR world. You can also share time with friends—being transported to new worlds of games, videos and images. The nice thing about this newest model is that it is lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Singlecue: Gesture control for your home

Singlecue is gesture control for your whole house. You can communicate with your TV, and any other smart objects in your house with your hands without having to touch them.

You lift your finger and the TV comes on? That’s cool!

Phillips Hue Go: Portable IoT lighting

The Hue Go is a light that you can move around anywhere and control from your phone. You don’t get to just turn Hue Go on and off from your device, but you also get to change the color of the light. Any hue, any place.

Google Chromecast: Second Gen

Chromecast is a media streaming device that plugs into your TV. You can then just use your smartphone with your TV and cast music, sports, games, movies, TV shows, or pretty much whatever you like. It works with any phone or device.

Prodigio: Connected coffeeIoT

Like coffee? Yes.

Like your phone to make your coffee for you?

This smart coffee machine manages stock levels, schedules the brew, and tells you if the machine needs maintenance.


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