How Productivity Technology Ruined Snow Days

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Productivity Technology has totally wrecked snow days!

Snow days used to mean staying at home, toasty and warm, with the fire lit and a mug of hot cocoa. You wouldn’t get dressed all day, unless you intended on shoveling the drive or building a snowman. Basically, a snow day used to mean a no-work day. A day off day.

You have everything you need at home

Productivity technology means that we can use our laptops to work from anywhere, access all our files from the cloud, communicate via our online tools, talk face-to-face via videoconferencing— a good old snow day has been practically ruined in terms of a day off day.

In fact a snow day these days might be one of the most productive days that you have in your week. Offices can be distracting places. People talking, water-cooler gossip, kitchen chat, and then not to mention your colleagues leaning over every five minutes to ask you a question.

Some people reason that they actually get more done when they work from home due to the lack of distractions there. It is quieter, and easier to focus.

You can still go to all your meetings

You don’t even have to cancel your meetings if you stay at home for a snow day!

Conference calling services have stepped up their game a lot in the last couple of years. And now you can’t even blame the dreaded process of dialing in to a meeting. With the MobileDay app installed you’ll be dialed into your meeting sooner than you can say “These aren’t my PJs!”

But you can go to meetings in your PJs

Hey, some of us are more productive in our PJs because we are more comfortable! Who cares if you turn up to a meeting in your Superhero pants if you bring with you your best brainstorming self? This is one of the snow day benefits that technology cannot take away from you, so the next time the forecast looks dismal, look forward to being ultra productive, and comfortable, at home.


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