Why Should I Listen to You in Meetings? [Infographic]

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Why Should I Listen to You in Meetings? (and other valid questions)

  • Why am I even in this meeting?
  • Are we all here just so that you can have a captive audience to talk at?
  • You’re not saying anything of value to me, so why shouldn’t I shop online instead?

As employees, rarely can we ask these sorts of questions. But, many of us think them on a regular basis.

Meetings can be the most informative, productive, fun, and interesting part of the day for some of us—but we’re the lucky ones. In many larger organizations, managers and employees alike have schedules littered with meetings, online meetings, and conference calls. But it’s not the frequency of the meetings that’s the problem!

The problem is that those meetings are not interesting, productive, fun and informative as they should be. Often, these meetings are irrelevant, boring, and redundant. This breeds resentment amongst those who are forced to attend but would really be better off doing something else with their time.

Let’s face it, most of us have more than enough to do at work—so we get really narky about having our time wasted.

But people do want to listen—and they will if you include them.

The biggest problem with many online meetings and conference calls is that the people who are doing the majority of the presenting forget that there are other people there!

Of course, they don’t literally forget that other people are on the conference call (although it can seem that way), but there is a disconnect that occurs far more in online meetings than in in-person meetings due to the fact that people cannot physically see one another. The presenter is not getting the immediate visual feedback that he or she would in an in-person meeting, and after a while, something shifts to the point that they are monologuing their way though the meeting.

With awareness and some tweaking, you can turn this around. Find out how in this infographic:


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