4 iPhone Business Apps You Should Know About

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There are 1.5 million iPhone apps available, so how do you decide which ones that you need? The right app can make all the difference to your day, and improve your business in terms of time and efficiency. These are a few that we think you should download from the app store immediately if you haven’t already.

Dark Sky

Hyper-accurate weather predictions so that you know what is going to happen weather-wise before it actually does! Nobody likes to get caught out in the rain, and you are much less likely to with this app. Dark Sky gives you more than a basic forecast, you’ll get notified when and if the weather is going to change. It’s also nicely designed—you’ll forgive something that is telling you rain is coming more readily if it looks nice.


Nobody likes the post office! You end up standing in line for hours on end. So next time you need to send something, simply don’t go to the post office—shyp it instead! The app lets you take a picture of whatever it is you want to send, and then a Shyp courier will come to the office and get it for you directly. Next, your item will be packaged by a pro and sent via the least expensive possible route.


Because life is too short to dial into conference calls manually. Who has time for PIN codes and passcodes? Not you! The MobileDay app will dial you into your next conference call so fast you’ll forget your own name.


It’s an email app, and we know that you already have one of those built in, but this makes email much more customizable. For example, you can enable email snooze so that you can read things later. Spark will make you like your email again!

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