Is working from home a productivity boost?

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There are some pretty distinct advantages that working from home allows for. Avoiding the daily commute is one thing that is inarguably a great way to save time and increase productivity. Not having to get dressed for work is another plus for some people. There is also the fact that you’ll not have to attend as many meetings, so that gives you more time to get work done, right?

There are also some productivity killers associated with working from home. Let’s go back to the meeting thing to start with. Meetings can be productive and inspiring if done right, so you can feel left behind if you are not present in them.

Then there are the distractions: Netflix, people popping round to see you, service workers, the lawn that needs mowing, the dog that needs a walk, the garden that needs pruning, the snow that needs shoveling. You might only intend to take a couple of minutes out to do one or some of these things, but the reality is that a couple of minutes can turn into an hour really easily.

Is work from home a productivity boost?

Studies show that despite the distractions that can happen at home, working from home is a productivity boost. In an experiment done in Ctrips call center, it was found that employees who worked from home were 13.5 percent more productive when it came to completing calls. What’s more, is that they also reported much higher levels of job satisfaction then their counterparts who were in the office did.

And the benefits for the employer were that they saved a lot of money by reducing the office space needed to host callers.

But what about missing meetings when you work from home?

The good news is, that you can work from home and still attend meetings if you dial in via a conference call service. This way you’ll make sure that you remain part of the team—even when you are not physically in the office.

If you dread the thought of using a conference call line and plugging in all those PIN numbers and passcodes to get in, download the MobileDay app and let it take care of all that for you. MobileDay also provides users with a free conference call bridge. 



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