Joining a Conference Bridge the Easy Way

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conference bridge

Conference calls are an essential and everyday aspect of the work day for many of us. Joining a conference bridge however is often a dreaded experience.

Common Problems Associated with Joining a Conference Bridge

Forgetting the conference number, PIN, or passcode.

Conference bridges work like a virtual meeting room. The PIN number or passcode that you are given to use when you want to join the call acts as both a virtual room identifier and also your key to get in. These numbers are still an essential part of joining an online meeting or conference call, but they are problematic nonetheless.

Forgetting the conference bridge number or forgetting where you saved the email or meeting invite that the number was located in is one of the first problems associated with getting onto a conference bridge.

Misdialing the conference number, PIN, or passcode.

You may have saved that number correctly, but why do your fingers fumble so much when it comes to dialing it? We are not that used to dialing numbers anymore because for the most part we don’t have to anymore. Auto dial from contacts came and removed the finger action that was once associated with making a call.

Losing the connection

So you manage to find the dial-in information, and you manage to dial correctly, only to lose cell connection and fall off the bridge (so to speak). Then you have to go through all that hassle again to rejoin the meeting.

A Solution

MobileDay is a free app that will save you the trouble of ever having to dial into a conference bridge. The app pulls all the required information such as PIN numbers and passcodes and dials those for you when you tell it to. You are instantly placed into your meeting with the touch of just one button. It really is that simple, and simplicity is what we are going for!

You can download MobileDay for free today.

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