Make Dialing into Conference Calls Easier

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With the rise in employees taking flexible working time, working from home, and working remotely, conference calls are on the up. Online meetings are a godsend to people who need to speak with one another or in a group, but can’t actually be in the same room all the time. As the software that we use in order to dial into conference calls improves, people are more willing to use the online meeting as a viable form of communication.

For the love of conference calls!

We should be glad, because conference calls usually mean that you don’t have to commute, or travel, in order to get business done. On the day-to-day level, you can get out of making your way in to the office in order to catch up with colleagues. You can save time, therefore, on the commute, and save stress too—we all hate rushing from one place to another. You can also have more of a balanced life—because you are not commuting, you can take time out to pick up kids from school, or get some shopping done.

The process of having online meetings is certainly getting easier, but many people still struggle dialing into conference calls in the first place. With the free MobileDay app, you can dial into a conference call without actually dialing into the conference call yourself—because the app does it for you.

Download MobileDay

  1. Go to the app store, or Google Play, and download the MobileDay app.
  2.  Allow MobileDay to Sync.

In order to know when you have conference calls, you need to let the MobileDay app sync. with your online calendar. When you do this, the app will automatically pull out all the information regarding the call, and this includes PIN numbers and passcodes that identify the call. With this information, the app can dial all those numbers for you.

Allow MobileDay to dial into conference calls for you!


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