5 Meeting Myths You Should Stop Believing

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There are a number of myths that surround meetings that give them a bad, and mostly unfair, reputation. The truth is that meetings should be the most productive part of your week, and that many of the bad concepts associated with them have been eliminated by technology.

Myth #1: Meetings Have to Last an Hour

They really don’t. A meeting can end as soon as the attendees feel they have what they need.

One of the problems with scheduling meetings, is that by default, most of us schedule a meeting for an hour. It’s just the way that our online calendars work—most of them actually automatically offer up an hour’s block, so we tend just to accept that and carry on with scheduling. But not all meetings warrant an hour, so when the meat of the discussion is over, sometimes there can be this lull space that often gets filled with … nothing productive.

How about next time you schedule a meeting, you try and get more accurate about how long you think you need to get the job done. Or, call the meeting as ended as soon as everyone feels satisfied with the result.

Myth #2: Meetings Have to Be In-Person

In-person meetings become less and less crucial as the mobility tools available to us become more and more functional. There was a time when in-person meetings were the only choice, and businesspeople had to travel long and far in order to get anything involving an external party achieved. Nowadays, large groups of people from all over the world can meet online at any time.

Myth #3: Meetings are Boring

If You find meetings boring, you’re doing them wrong—or at least your team or whoever is running them is. Meetings that lack energy and engagement are bound to be dull. If this is the case, challenge yourself to inject some passion and life. Positive energy is infectious—if you are inspired and engaged others will become so.

Myth #4: Conference Calls Are Difficult to Join

One of the biggest problems that people have with online meetings and conference calls is getting into them. You might not believe this, but that doesn’t have to be the case any more, so thus difficult dial-ins can be pushed into the realm of myth.

How? With MobileDay’s free conference call dialing app, you don’t have to manually dial into meetings anymore. The app does all of that for you! Download for free and try it for yourself. 

Myth #5: You Have to Invite Everyone

One of the things that makes meetings dreadful, is the concept that everyone in the department needs to be in then. When everyone is invited to a meeting, there is a high probability that some of those people don’t need to be there. Therefore, they will be bored, listless, and wishing that they were somewhere else.

When scheduling a meeting, try not to be tempted to invite all by default. Instead, think about who the key players are for this particular issue, and invite accordingly.

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