Why Mobile Apps Are Getting All the Love

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Mobile Apps
Happy Valentine’s Day apps. We heart you!


The Mobile App Explosion is Going to Go Nuclear!

The idea that mobile apps could take over the world may seem a little wild, but it might actually be a pretty realistic view of the future. App Annie just published the key findings of their research and analysis, and the expectation is that global app store gross revenue will grow to $51 billion this year.

And it will keep on growing—we’re talking a projected $101 billion four years from now in 2020. Interestingly, the proliferation of mobile apps won’t be solely due to the Western World’s adoption of them. Far from it in fact, as it is suggested that this growth will largely be driven by app adoption in developing economies worldwide. Of course the wallet share from more mature economies has a big influence too, but the emphasis on app use is that it really will be a global thing.

Why We’ve Become Reliant on Mobile Apps as Tools

Your apps probably mean more to you than you think they do. Mobile apps have grown up to be so much more than just games and social media communication tools, they are now the primary way that we engage with each other, as well as media and brands. We use apps at work as much as we do at home, and more and more mobile enterprises see apps as the perfect solution to a number of business problems.

MobileDay’s one-touch conference call dialing app is a perfect example of this. It is simple yet smart, and it alleviates a prominent and frequently endured pain-point for the business professional: the dreaded process of dialing in to a conference call or virtual meeting. With MobileDay installed, users no longer have to bother with the process of dialing into a meeting, and this is exactly what good apps do so well: make our lives easier.

iPhone and Users Android Love Apps Equally (Almost)

Usage Intelligence from App Annie shows that we spend more time using our apps now than ever before, and app usage within Android phone users has grown a whopping 63 percent between 2014 and 2015. What’s more, is that apps are beginning to expand to reach devices other than smartphone and tablets—wearables, TVs and other devices such as smart thermostats and cars. Most of these expansions require a smartphone base, but we are starting to see a much wider use of apps around the home and in the office.

Your App Challenge

You might think that you don’t use that many apps, but the chances are that you use more than you think you do!

Your app challenge of today, is to make of log of every time you use an app and see how much you really do depend on them. We bet it is way more than just Facebook and Twitter. You’re online banking app, your weather checks, your traffic alerts, your calendar and meeting scheduling, your camera, and we haven’t even started on communication apps like SMS and email.

So go on, give your apps some love this Valentine’s Day!


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