New Feature: My MobileDay Bridge

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We’ve just released a new feature—My MobileDay Bridge—that expands our free conference call and online meeting service to full provision.

What is My MobileDay Bridge?

Your path to virtual communication freedom. The rainbow that will take you to the pot of gold. The unicorn that will transport you to the Land of Hopes and Dreams … .

(It’s a conference call line.)

newBridgeMy MobileDay Bridge is the name of the free conference call service that MobileDay users can now utilize. We’ve called it “My MobileDay Bridge,” because you can use it instead of or alongside any existing conference bridge service that you might have.

If for example, you have a conference bridge already lined up for work stuff, but you don’t have one for personal, you might choose to switch between bridges when you plan different online meetings. We’re a friendly bunch over here at MobileDay, and we like to work with other providers—so don’t worry, you can use both.

How much does it cost to use My MobileDay Bridge?

Nothing. Nadda. Zip. Zippo. Nil.

You think we’d give you something, call it yours, and then make you pay for it? Not our style. My MobileDay Bridge is a free conference bridge for you to use as often as you like. No charge, it’s totally on us.

Oh go on then, if you insist you can shout us a 5-star review on Google Play or the App Store. 😉

Remind me, why do I need a conference bridge?

Remember when your teacher told you that there was no such thing as a stupid question. He lied.

JK! That’s a great question. The conference bridge is the line that connects you with those you want to talk to. Think of it like a virtual conference room—because that’s exactly what it is. Trying to host an online meeting without a conference bridge would be like trying to host an in-person meeting without … a body?

Traditionally, you would have to pay for a conference bridge. We don’t like money* over here at MobileDay, so we prefer to give stuff away for free. My MobileDay Bridge is the virtual conference room that we are giving to you so that you can make all those important conference calls and host online meetings.

*Not strictly true.

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