What is a conference bridge?

conference bridge

If you want to host or be part of an online meeting or conference call, the conference bridge is a must. But what, exactly, is it? Any sort of audio conferencing relies on a conference bridge to support multi-person conferences. … Continue reading

New Feature: My MobileDay Bridge


We’ve just released a new feature—My MobileDay Bridge—that expands our free conference call and online meeting service to full provision. What is My MobileDay Bridge? Your path to virtual communication freedom. The rainbow that will take you to the pot … Continue reading

Do you need MobileDay?

do you need MobileDay

MobileDay is a free app that allows you one-touch access into conference calls and online meetings. You won’t ever need to dial into a meeting again once you have the MobileDay app. If the thought of PINs and passcodes sends … Continue reading