Do you need MobileDay?

do you need MobileDay

MobileDay is a free app that allows you one-touch access into conference calls and online meetings. You won’t ever need to dial into a meeting again once you have the MobileDay app. If the thought of PINs and passcodes sends … Continue reading

Videoconferencing Etiquette Tips


Videoconferencing comes in handy when you either work from home, are on the road a lot, or need to talk to colleagues in different locations. Sometimes they are casual check-ins, but other times they are big-deal opportunities: your one and … Continue reading

Don’t Dial and Drive—Use Apps!

dial and drive

We all know that we shouldn’t dial and drive, but sometimes it is just too tempting. In 2014, the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts Report found that cellphones are responsible or 26 percent of America’s car accidents. Texting was found … Continue reading