Spring into Productivity with These Apps

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Spring is an all-systems-go time for a lot of companies. You’ve got projects coming out of your ears, the energy in the office is high, and it looks like it is going to be an exciting year. Sometimes, however, all those things to do can get the better of you. Here are some apps that will help you stay on top of things this April.

4 Productivity Apps for Spring

For Work: MobileDay

Dialing into conference calls is so 1998! Say no to plugging in PIN numbers and passcodes and say yes to an easier life overall with the MobileDay app!

The app is free, and it syncs with your online calendar to retrieve all your meeting call information. That’s how the app knows all the PIN numbers and passcodes that are needed for your conference call. All you have to worry about, is what you are going to say when you are in!

For Remebering: Doo

There are a lot of “to-do” list apps out there, but we like the way that Doo has a swipe feature. For some reason, swiping away the items on your list is very satisfying. The swipe feature works both ways: you can either swipe it to ignore it and do it later, or you can swipe it to mark if off as complete.

It is also nicely customizable, so you can tell Doo when you want alerts, and when you want to be left alone.

For Eating: Mealime

Spring is the time of year when you want to think about eating lighter, eating well, getting healthy and all that. Mostly this is because the summer is looming, and with the heat comes less clothing. Healthy eating can be expensive, but mostly it is more time consuming. Compare cooking your own meal to ordering pizza for example. All that grocery shopping … .

Mealine does a lot of the organizing work for you, and it does this by asking you what you like to eat, and then taking that information and turning it into a structured shopping list.

For Flowers: Garden Manager

This app doesn’t let you forget about the garden. You can set alarms to tell you when you need to do something. You can go long-term, like what you are going to have to be doing in the fall already, or tomorrow, like remember to water.

A nice touch is that you can take photos and make notes, which means that you have an ongoing log too.


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