3 Steps to Conference Calling Like a Pro

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Conference Calling

Maybe you are new to the world of conference calling, or maybe you’ve been taking six conference calls a day since you were five years old. However experienced you are in dialing into meetings, there are ways and means to make the whole experience more enjoyable and productive.

For most people, the worst part about a conference call is the nuclear launch sequence that you have to punch into your phone in order to get onto the correct conference bridge. The endless PIN numbers, passcodes, and sequence dials are enough to make you crazy—so it’s a good thing that MobileDay’s free conference call dialing app does all that for you now.

There’s more though. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can turn every conference call into a stellar meeting.

3 Steps to Conference Calling Like a Pro

1. Prepping

It’s a bit like homework. The main difference is that you are being paid to do it.

If you are in sales, you know all about preparing for a call. You’re vetting your prospect, or you’re reminding yourself about where you left off from your last call. You know that in order to maximize your potential for success, you need to know your prospect inside out, that way you can present to them the best solution for their problem—and let’s hope that solution is your product!

2. Making an Entrance

First impressions count for a lot, even when you are on the phone.

Here’s the nightmare scenario: you drop the call and leave the other attendees hanging. Arg! You feel like a dumbass and you’re the one holding everyone else up. Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of a dead line, and you’ll spend a frantic couple of minutes trying to get back on. The outcome is that by the time you reconnect, each participant is feeling a little silly.

Getting on and staying on the call is one thing, so a reliable conference bridge and dial in process is crucial. Let’s face it, if you are on a business call you really do have more important things to worry about.

3. Engaging

One-on-one or small group calls don’t illicit the same amount of slacking off behavior from attendees as larger group meetings do. Even in physical group meetings there are usually one or more people dozing off at the back of the room. Take a boring meeting online however, and everyone is tempted to check out. Let’s face it, you can do something else that is potentially much more interesting—like check your emails, do some online shopping, or catch up on social media.

The key to doing online meetings well is to pretend that you are in a physical meeting. If you wouldn’t do it in the meeting room at work, don’t do it in an online meeting.

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