How to Use Technology as a Sales Tool

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This blog post is an excerpt from our Free eBook: Is Sales Dead? 

Technology as a Sales Tool

Thirty-one percent of our survey respondents say that the start of the year is a good time to audit current sales-related technologies and make decisions around investing in new tools.

Not keeping up to date on what technologies are out there for you will put you at a distinct disadvantage. For the most part, sales tools help you work more effectively, so you can get more done in less time.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you using a CRM tool that best suits your customer base, your product and your team?

Are you using mobile apps to make life on the road as easy as possible?

Are you using communication tools that mean staying connected with your team is never a chore?

Are you regularly checking for new apps and updates that will make life even easier?

Use Social Tech Tools

With the amount of information about any one person that you have at your fingertips, walking into a meeting with a client without knowing that person’s name, position, and specific duties isn’t just ignorant, it’s plain rude. You should also be looking to find out more than just the basics, such as work history, personal and professional interests, professional highlights, and favorite sports team (if applicable).

Here is where social media is going to come into play. We’re not suggesting that you should stalk your prospects on social media, we’re telling you that you should!

Where is Your Customer?

The chances are that your customer already knows all about your product. If they are talking to you at all, they’ve undoubtedly been on your website, read the reviews, and know what it is that you do. They also know about your competitor’s product, and they are probably in some process of comparison.

Your job is no longer to tell your customer how and why they need your product, it is to show them how your product will benefit their product specifically.

This is one of the major ways that sales has changed; you are not talking to customers as a mouthpiece for your product anymore, you are there to create new value for your prospects. You are also going to have to answer the three fundamental questions that every prospect has regardless of the product: why buy, why now, and why you?

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