10 Tips: Work Less and Get More Done #productivity

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You don’t have to be the first person in the office and the last one to leave in order to be one of the most productive. Gone are the days when we equate time spent at work to actual productivity at work.

Need to work less and get more done? Here’s some tips on how:

  1. Stop looking at the computer the moment you notice that you’ve been staring at your  screen with zero brain activity present. Get up, walk around, get outside—do something. Just don’t sit there in a zombie state or it’ll take over.
  2. When working on a project, set aside a specific length of time in which you will NOT open your inbox or social media accounts.
  3. Say no. If a project or a request of your time has a negligible ROI, don’t do it. Think of your time like any other investment for your business—what increases ROI, and what stagnates?
  4. Download and use the MobileDay app. You don’t need to waste time dialing into conference calls. We have the technology. Don’t dial.
  5. Split massive projects into chunks and work on one chunk at a time rather than mindlessly chipping away at the whole thing.
  6. Finish stuff. Don’t break up tasks that will take you less than 60 mins to complete. Just start it and finish it then kill it.
  7. Use something to help you stay organized: there are a ton of apps out there. Omifocus gets a good rep as it presents you with a different view based on the type of task—be it project, day-to-day, planning, doing, or social.
  8. Know when you are procrastinating, and stop doing it or give the task to someone who will. When you procrastinate you waste both your own time and that of your colleagues.
  9. Leave the office when you are tired. Get some rest, and you’ll stop being tired. When you are less tired, you are more productive.
  10. Walk. Walking is really underrated as a productivity tool. It stimulates the brain as well as the body.
Being more productive doesn't always mean you have to type faster.
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