Top 5 podcasts for franchise owners to listen to for inspiration and ideas

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What do you know, many MobileDay users are restaurant managers!

If you, like I, initially cannot see the link between conference calling and restaurant management, think: franchise.

Many franchise owners are committed to placing themselves and their managers on regional conference calls a couple of times a week. That’s why an app that dials into online meetings automatically is so popular among them.

Owning a franchise has it’s own set of business challenges. Most of these could be challenges shared with other types of small businesses within the same industry, but there are also aspects of being a franchise that present unique problems.

What happens when the franchise’s good name is marred by actions of other owners?
How do you set your own business apart from those close to you with the same name?
How many of your standard operating practices are dictated to you, and what percentage do you instigate yourself?
Do you agree with the way that you are asked to run your business? How do you handle it if you don’t?

Luckily, where there are questions, there are usually answers. We’ve complied a list of top podcasts for franchise owners to listen to and learn from.

Top 5 podcasts for franchise owners to listen to:

Franchise Euphoria

Franchise Euphoria is an honest, real and authentic look at the world of franchising by Franchise Lawyer and Entrepreneur, Josh Brown. The episodes are varied but all contain content relevant to the franchise owner today. From legal advice to how to design the right business plan, it’s all got a place in over 130 episodes that are available to download.

Franchise Today Podcast

The Franchise Today Podcast is a collection of more than two hundred podcasts in the archive. You’ll be treated to hearing insights from some of the leading minds in franchising: Franchise Business Review’s Michelle Rowan; Plave Koch’s Lee Plave; FranWise’s Mary Ann O’Connell; and Telephone Doctor’s Nancy Friedman. If you want to learn from the people who really know franchises in and out, this is the podcast to go to.

Rick Bisio’s Franchise Focus

In Rick Bisio’s Franchise Focusco-hosts Rick Bisio and Graham Chapman, 919 Marketing’s Senior PR Catalyst, interview industry leaders and talk all things franchise. The guests include franchisees, franchisors, service providers, media members, and are all experienced professionals who share industry experience, ideas and inspiration for all things to do with franchise ownership.

Bisio is a bestselling author himself, and his book, titled Educated Franchisee has proved a bit hit among franchise owners.

Social Geek Radio

Doesn’t sound all that franchise-y, does it? Well, regardless of the title, Social Geek Radio with Deb Evans is a weekly in-depth look at the role of social tech in the franchise industry. You’ll learn which social platforms to utilize and why they are the most effective for your business. Special weekly guests vary, but they all share the common theme of being top when it comes to social media and today’s franchise owner.

Inside Franchising Podcast

The Inside Franchising Podcast highlights leaders in the franchise business and brings them together to discuss topical things such as business models, training and support systems, marketing ventures and much more besides. This is an up close and personal look at the real world of franchise ownership and success.

Bonus podcast—because it can’t all be too serious!

The Bugle Podcast

The Bugle Podcast is a leading satirical podcast that features John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman. It’s been going since 2007 and the pair now have a sizable global following. Your franchise will do phonemically better if you have a sense of humor, so consider this required listening.

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