5 Apps for Working Parents Who Want More Time for Fun Stuff!

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5 Apps for Working Parents
Adults need time to have fun too you know!

Some days being an adult feels overrated. Basically it just means that you get to do all the things and take all the responsibility for your life all the time. Some of us even get the added bonus of having to take responsibility for the lives of others too: children.

When you were a kid someone else paid the bills. When you were a kid someone else filled the fridge with food. When you were a kid someone else made you dinner. Now you pay the bills, you fill the fridge and you make the dinner.

Kids have it made. If it’s any consolation, however, all those kids you see running around having their parents do all the things for them — those kids are going to turn adult one day too.

Do adults really have to do all the things?

Nowadays, not so much!

Ten years ago you had to physically walk into your bank in order to pay in a check. Now you can do that with your phone. That’s just one example of the way in which apps have allowed adults to do the adult stuff — like pay bills and get paid — without it taking as much time and energy as it did before.

With apps, we’re turning adult-ing around. We’re taking our time back and saying “no” to the mundane tasks that our parents were forced to do.

At MobileDay, most of us have accepted that we are now adults and that we have to do that adult stuff. Some of us even have kids which means that we really have to. All of us, however, are up for things that remove some of the worst parts of being an adult and free up time for doing the fun things.

Apps that take the sting out of being an adult:

1. Audible — for Books

If you are an adult, the chances are that you have a job. If you have a job, you probably have to commute by foot, bike, scooter, car, bus, or camel to your place of work. If you have children, you probably have to drive them places; you might even have to sit and wait for them while they do stuff like football or baseball practice.

Audible lets you listen to books while you are doing other, less stimulating, things. If you ever say sentences such as ” I don’t have time to read,” then you need this app in your life.

2. Podcasts — for Knowing Stuff

For all the same reasons as above, but podcasts also deserve their own mention as they fill a different slot too: up-to-date news and knowledge. You can get a podcast on just about anything, but the best part is that when you subscribe to regularly produced shows you get the most relevant information in the world today. News, politics, finance, (ah, so adult!) , celebrities, fashion, Game of Thrones … if you can name it, you can listen to a podcast on it.

Podcasts mean that any time you can put a pair of earbuds in your ears, you can listen to something that interests you. That something might be a very grown up something indeed, but it needn’t have to be.

3. MobileDay — for Conference Calls

Conference calls are the epitome of “adult.” Conference calls are so adult, that even most adults don’t really know how to do them right. If you are going to embark on an activity as outrageously adult as being in a conference call, you might as well do it in style.

The MobileDay app gets you into any conference call without subjecting you to the horror that is dialing the conference call bridge. You just press a button and you are on all call — not late, not stressed. It’s rather like having someone else do the hard part for you. It’s also free!

4. Vivino for Wine

One of the best things about being an adult is being allowed to drink wine. But, as with all great things, there is a cost. Literally: wine is expensive.

If you find a wine that you like, you could just buy that wine and never worry about wasting money on a bottle that tastes like cat pee. But what if you want to explore the fabulous and exotic world of wine? Chances are, you’ll buy a couple of bottles of something that just isn’t you in the process of broadening your wine horizons. Suck.

But wait, there’s an app to the rescue. Vivino knows you, and knows what you like. If you scan the label on a bottle of vino, it will tell you —based on your preferences — if its a good match for you or not. Magic.

5. Intuit Self Employed for Taxes

One of the least fun things about adulting is finances. Enveloped neatly within that, come taxes. If you are self-employed or a small business owner, reporting on expenditure and income is crucial unless you enjoy spending the month of April in a mild to extreme state of panic.

Quickbooks Self Employed is a cloud-based accounting service by Intuit. It works for business and personal but neatly separates the two. You swipe left or right to tell the app if an expense is either business or personal; you do the same with deposits. It uses the transactions it has downloaded to help you track your income and expenditure — then estimates quarterly taxes with that information.

What are your favorite apps for working parents who want more time?

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