4 Ways to work from home during Spring Break

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Spring break can be a challenging time for parents who don’t want to or simply cannot take the entire week off work. The kids are home, so for people who work from home usually, that quiet sanctuary or home office is suddenly subject to a child invasion.

Then there are your conference calls and online meetings to think about. Tantrum-ing children during conference calls are nightmare scenarios for the work-from-home parent when the kids are in the house.

Here are some ideas for parents who want to work at home during Spring Break.

Go to the public library

Most public libraries have two things that are going to interest you as a work-from-home parent: a quiet space with desks and open internet access, and a child-friendly space. Some even have events for kids that will keep them occupied for a couple of hours while you get some work done. Getting everyone out of the house for a couple of hours is usually a good idea anyway, and a public library can be a perfect solution.

Seriously plan distracting activities

Not for you. For the kids. This certainly takes some pre-planning, but it could pay off by giving you a nice quiet couple of hours to focus. Things like scavenger hunts are a great way to keep the kids occupied “doing” something while you work.

Organize play-date turns

It sounds obvious, but it is probably safe to assume that you are not the only person you know who is struggling to entertain children at home while working. You might even have some colleagues who live in your area who are also looking for a solution. Organize Spring Break play-date turns so that you watch the kids in the morning and someone else takes a turn in the afternoon. At least that way you’ll get a good focused half day of work.

Last resort: Lemonade stand

Pack them off to the edge of the drive with a table, couple chairs, jugs of lemonade and big smiles. Sit and work somewhere that will let you keep them in your view, and that way you can keep an eye on them while also cranking out some work stuff.

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