What People Really Do When They’re On a Conference Call

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You might even already be on a conference call when you are reading this post!

And if you are on a call, are you taking it from the restroom?

It seems that we just cannot help but try and multi-task when we are supposed to be in a meeting but nobody is watching us. Data from InterCall, which is the largest conference call company in the world, shows that we are making more conference calls from our mobile phones now than ever before. We might be having more virtual meetings, but are we being more productive?

Maybe we prefer cell phones because they are easier, and more convenient. They also allow us to do other things when we are making calls—and we’re not talking about taking meeting notes.

Here are some of the things that business people interviewed by InterCall admitted to doing while on a conference call:

Other work

Sixty-five percent of respondents said that they do “other work” while they are in a conference call.

Sending emailsconference call

Sixty-three percent read and reply to emails while they are in conference calls.


A whopping fifty-five percent of people surveyed said that they eat food or are in the process of preparing food when in online meetings and calls.

Going to the restroom

Forty-seven percent of people said that they are frequently on the lavatory when they are in a conference call.


Forty-four percent of respondents send texts when they are on a conference call

Social media

Forty-three percent of people said that they check out Facebook, Twitter, or some other type of social media when they are on a call. conference call

Video gaming, online shopping, and exercising

Taking a sneaky look at Facebook is one thing, but it seems that 25 percent of people go as far as playing a video game while on a call. Twenty-one percent like to do a bit of online shopping, and 9 percent get some exercise.

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