Where is the strangest place to take a video call?

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There are certain things that one might do at home that one would never consider doing in the office. Wearing pajamas is probably pretty high on that list. Talking to a colleague from the restroom is another one.

When people are working from home or working remotely, however, it seems that anything goes. Much of the time, people jump into conference or video calls from exotic locations because they are called into an emergency meeting during some planned vacation. But more and more, it looks like it is becoming acceptable to take a conference call from just about anywhere—holiday or not!

Being at work doesn’t always mean that you are working at the office anymore, and that is one of the benefits that technology brings us. Conferencing technology lets us have much more flexibility, but there is a cost that comes with that: distraction.

Yes, out of 500 people surveyed, 82 percent admitted that they often take part in a conference call—or at least they attend—on their mobile phone, but that they do other things at the same time. And not always are these “other things” related to the conference call or the meeting agenda. Most workers (64 percent) said that they really enjoyed the fact that taking a call from their mobile device allowed them to multi-task.

But what about the where? Where do people generally take conference calls from? We would like to think that they do so from a home office, or at least sitting down a the kitchen table. This may be true for some, but not all.

At MobileDay we don’t care if you take your next conference call from the restroom, or from your bed, or in your PJs, or with your dog. All we care about is getting you onto that conference call quickly, stress-free, and reliably so that you can be your best in the meeting.

Sick of trying to dial into online meetings? That’s what the free MobileDay app will do for you!

odd places to take video call
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