Why BYOA Is Amazing for IT Departments!

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icon-businessland1BOYA or “Bring Your Own App” sounds like a nightmare for corporate IT departments. Employees bringing their own software solutions to work seems like something that will lead to security breaches and poor communications. BOYA doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s why:

1)      BYOA increases employee effectiveness: In terms of employee efficiency, BYOA has scope to be just as effective as BYOD has been. In fact, in theory, BYOA is older than BYOD: the trend actually started in the 1980s when employees in the finance industry began to bring their own spreadsheet programs to work. In today’s equivalent, an employee can choose an app that best suits their way of working—an app that they like. Don’t underestimate how important it is that employees like the tools they work with. If they like them more, they will use them more.  

2)      BYOA doesn’t mean out of control: Many companies are finding that implementing policies help to establish acceptable use of third-party software is the best way to reach the levels of security that they desire. A clear set of documents that outline the management of devices and technologies such as apps within your organization is an important communication. This means talking to employees and taking a regular audit of the apps that they are using. 

3)      Employees become customers: In the eyes of a third-party app provider, your employees are their customers. What’s more, is they are also your customers in a sense, as the IT department is there to provide employees with the tools they need in order to be most effective in their jobs. As an IT professional, you can become a sounding board, a security validation, and even a resource if you begin to view your employees as customers in a fast-paced market.

4)      Third party apps are inspiration: The rise of BYOD needn’t be a threat to IT departments. Rather, popular apps can be seen as inspiration. While there are some types of services that IT departments shouldn’t try and replicate, others can be taken as examples and tailor made to better suit the company. According to Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief analyst and group CEO at Greyhound Research, embracing the cloud is vital. It is the perfect opportunity for organizations to take a closer look at their existing IT architecture, and see how it can be updated.

5)      IT can facilitate the movement: Industry research has shown that traditionally, IT departments act more like gatekeepers when it comes to cloud apps. Only 29 percent of IT pros seek to manage BYOA by methodically facilitating adoption. The word on the street, is that it is the strategic facilitator who is set to be best suited to the reality of the BYOA trend.

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